What’s in our bags

Hey dear fellow painters. How are you doing this morning? It’s wednesday, we’re at the middle of the week and with that here it comes our always devoted Paulo and Luísa.

We’re going to get a bit personal because, just for this day and for you only, your fav duo wil open their bags to you. It’s something that we, here on PMY, do. So face it as a tradition, an old profecy being fulfilled. There’s nothing as personal as the insides of our bag, they say. Face it as the insides of our souls. It’s like scretching a hero to find a demon within. We’re going to open our privacy doors to let all the demons, mistery and privacy fly away and show themselves to you. You’re a lucky person, then.



This bag is from Stradivarius (you may have noticed that it’s my favorite store), it’s not very big but it’s enough for what I need. I normally use it when I go to college.


Diary: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Notebook: Ale-Hop
Book (Oracle Night by Paul Auster): Fnac
Pencilcase: Make notes
Beauty bag (to put the necessary makeup for the day): Sephora
Purse: Stradivarius



This bag is from Fendi. It’s my fluffy dear monster, always on my back, like a metaphor for all the demons and nightmares that are always with me. It’s a reminder of all the difficulties, obstacles, shadows that hunt us for all our life. BULLSHIT, who am I trying to trick? I bought it ’cause it’s bananas gorgeous!!!!!! Isn’t it?


Book (Oracle Night by Paul Auster): Fnac
Pencilcase: Gant
Sunglasses: Balmain x H&M
Notebook: choose one you fancy, there’s no right or wrong. It’s just a notebook guys

This is what lies benneath our skin, what is in us, our little things, our little secrets. And we wanted to share it with you. We know, we are so kind and special, don’t need to say it. What about you? What lies under your pretty little daily bag? Let us know by commenting below. Add also your opinion on our personal secret items shown to you today by us.

See you on saturday, until there, be you, be sassy, be setting free your hidden corners.


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