Home decor dream ideas ❤

Hello people! Today’s post is about something I’m really passionate about: home decor. I’ve always loved architecture, interior design and anything related to that, and lately I’ve been particularly enjoying following those kinds of blogs and instagrams.

As a college student that goes to uni in the city I grew up in, I still live at home with my family and will for a while, while I’m still studying, but I really enjoy checking out ideas for a future home. One can dream, right?


#1 | Plants. I love the idea of incorporating a lot of plants in an apartment. It’s such a beautiful and easy way to decorate and have that clean, organic element in the room. Succulents, cacti, both little and bigger ones, either in pots or hanging from the wall or the ceiling (perfect idea to save space and add that bohemian vibe)… there are so many plant options that there’s no excuse not to have a bit of green action in your home.


#2 | Details. Like in a lot of things in life, the details make all the difference. Add some candles, crystals, flowers, wooden or glass details. Get organized with the help of jewelry organizers and put funky bookends on your shelves. Display your pretty stationery and put your most worn perfumes and beauty products in a tray. Details can definitely be pretty and functional.


#3 | Lights. Lighten up your life! (By lighting up your home.) Instead of the classic lamps everyone owns, dare to think big with innovative ways to bring light to your home. You can transform your kitchen or living room into a more modernized space with some industrial-looking lights on the ceiling or wall. Or you can totally cozy up your bedroom with lights over the bed. And if you have an outdoor space like a balcony – adding lights is the perfect touch!


#4 | Wall art. No, I don’t mean canvas only! Add life to your walls by hanging cool fabrics, tapestry, rugs and even maps. I think displaying rugs as wall art is particularly genius – it’s original and brings texture and warmth to the room. And if you’re on a budget or if you’re a creative, hands-on kind of person (or both) know that you don’t have to spend loads of money on cool art – check out this post I found with 25 awesome DIY wall art ideas!

Hope you enjoyed these & see you here next Monday! Love,


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