Sunday Recipes

Here I am again, hello to all of you! To finish the day, I prepared 3 recipes that I wish I could create – no, I haven’t created them because I simply don’t have time. My classes will finish in 4 weeks time and after hell I won’t leave my kitchen. There’s just so much I want to try to make and to give to others! Also, I desperately need to eat healthier. I’ve been giving my best but it’s being hard.

Starter – Rosemary Focaccia Bread


Meal – Avocado Pasta


Dessert- Cream Baked Donuts


Here are the 3 recipes I picked for you Painters! You just need to click on the links and these pretty girls will teach you how to made these mouth watering dishes (which I’ll be doing soon for sure!).



2 thoughts on “Sunday Recipes

    1. Thank you, they aren’t mine but they are gorgeous! I also think like that, cooking can relax us. Thank you for commenting, xx


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