Face off #2

Hey, dear painters!

It’s that time of the month! It’s time for our beloved FACE OFF.
Today we have in opposite sides Pinterest and Instagram. It’s the ultimate social networks combat! Which one will win? Any bets?


Pros 🙂

→ You can be followed and don’t follow back
→ You can like pins of people that you don’t follow
→ You can unfollow and unlike
→ It’s all about pictures
→ You can delete pins that you posted in the past
→ You can also share your pin on other networks
→ You don’t have to follow a person, you can follow just a person’s board
→ You can search for the topic you want
→ You can “repin” other people’s pins
→ It’s the perfect network to find DIY’s
→ It’s the most inspiring network

Cons 😦

→ You have to create boards
→ You can easily get lost in so many boards and pins
→ You can never spend 10 minutes of your day on Pinterest, you’ll spend the whole afternoon
→ It’s a little confusing at the beginning


  • 85% of the people who use Pinterest are women
  • The most pinned categories are Food & Drinks and DIY & Crafts
  • Joy Cho is the most followed person with 12 million followers


Pros 🙂

→ You can post your photos and selfies as much as you want
→ Your followers don’t get to know which photos do you like
→ You can be followed and don’t follow back
→ There’s no useless thing such as share button
→ You can like photos of people that you don’t follow
→ You can unfollow and unlike
→ There’s no garbage and waste on your feed
→ It’s all about pictures and short videos, no text
→ There’s 1001 apps Instagram related
→ It’s a cool network
→ You can delete photos that you posted in the past
→ You can edit photos already posted
→ You can identify people and share your location
→ You can also post the same post on other networks

Cons 😦

→ You can only see the people that unfollowed you using an app
→ There are way too many filters, which leave us confuse


  • The countries with the most users are Japan, USA and Brazil
  • Last year there were almost 35 million #selfie hashtags
  • Taylor Swift is the most followed person, with 55 million followers


For all this reasons and many others, Instagram gets the PAULO&LUÍSA’s GOLD MEDAL. We are simply obsessed with this social network. We spend half of the day either posting selfies and photos or liking other people’s pictures.

You can never go wrong on Instagram. And you’re never less than cool on this network. How amazing is that?
Instagram is just the best invention ever. Don’t you agree? Have you the same opinion? Or are you a more Pinterest kind of person? Let us know.

See U on wednesday. Until there, be you, be sassy, be posting.


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