Book-ish Medley #2 -Future reads

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a great Sunday. I apologize for not posting on Friday but Luís couldn’t post on the other day and asked me to post; it was overall a huge mess of drafts and shedules but it’s all cleared out now and today I’ll post twice! Yup, twice the fun 😉 For now, it’s all about the books, specifically the ones that I’ll be reading on the following weeks.

Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins – This is a reread for me, since I’ve read this book a few years ago. This is the final book from The Hunger Games trilogy which I absolutely love. I think everyone knows what this dystopia is about thanks to the movies. If you’ve enjoyed them as much as I did… Well, you should pick the books!

Kim, Rudyard Kipling- I’ll read this book next although I’m not that thrilled about it (college,college!). This book is all about the english empire, the advantages and disadvantages of having it and the political implications. It think it won’t be an entertaining book, it will be more of an interesting and educational read. At least it has a pretty cover,right? 😉

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov – I’ve been postponing this book for way too long. As you all might know, it follows a girl that is being admired by a teacher that lives with her. This is a very disturbing book since it allows to understand how the teacher’s mind works in name of ‘love’. I just hope I have the stomach to handle it.

These are the books that I’ll be reading for now – I’ll finish this before Christmas for sure! What are you Painters reading? Let me know!

xx (and see you soon!)




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