A day with Luís – The News in 3 lines or so

What’s up Painters, welcome to our first new post of  ”A day with Luís” – if you didn’t saw the last SU and are wondering why we changed our name then I advise you to go check it out here.

So now that this problem is out of the way let us address the elephant in the room: yes this is a All the News and no I won’t talk about the attacks on Paris. This is just because I feel that there is so much more happenning right now and  the ”real” news are already really focused on this case. All my respects goes to everyone in Paris and everywhere that is somehow suffering at the hands of terrorists.

First news: PORTUGAL FINALLY ALLOWS GAY COUPLES TO ADOPT CHILDREN. Guys I know this isn’t amazing news but it is really good to hear that an old fashioned country like Portugal is starting to develop more and more; gay people could marry already and now they can have a real family too. This was approved in a time of turmoil in Portugal’s politics and it is without a doubt just a way of earning votes for the possible re-election. Nevertheless, it is a very welcome change.

Second news: Chinese authorities just uncovered a massive ”underground bank”  in the country’s eastern Zhejiang province. There are reports of a lot of transactions made by the illegal organization that reach the 410 bilion yuan; most of these transactions were made to places out of China because of the slow crisis that is spreading throught the country and because of the tight control made by the chinese government around money.

Ok this is all for now – sorry for the small and delayed post but I had such a tough week. I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next time!


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