What lip products I’m loving right now?

Hey! Today’s post is a makeup one for you beauty lovers – all about the lipsticks and lip products that I’m currently loving. Before we start though I just wanted to say, after Friday’s tragic events in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, I hope all of you are alright (or as alright as you can be in situations like these anyways).

#PrayForWorld #PrayForHumanity ❤❤❤

(Excuse the messy packages. I don’t know what I do to my lipsticks but they always end up looking rubbish!)

1- Primark lip liner pencil (Nude)

I’m obsessed! You can see the colors available above, mine’s the first one. It’s such a good lip pencil considering the price (1.50€) in a really nice, natural looking brown color. It applies well, it’s pigmented (my number one concern when it comes to Primark makeup) and it lasts. If you’re going to Primark soon don’t forget to go to the makeup section and check it out!

2- Bourjois rouge edition lipstick (02 Beige Trench)

This is a very recent purchase so I’m still not 100% positive, but so far I’m liking it. I’ve never tried anything from this range and the lipstick is so so soft and creamy, I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing is – you can’t really tell by the photo but it’s a little grey-ish, but since it’s shiny it’s ok as it doesn’t wash you out.

3- H&M matte lip pen (Peace & Harmony)

It’s a light pink / coral color so I guess it’s a little Summer-y, but I still felt like I should include it in my current faves. I find it a little drying especially when I’m wearing it on its own, but it’s a lovely color and I love the matte finish.

4- Astra lipstick (nº 5)

I think this brand might not be accessible to some of you, depending on where you’re from, but if you can find it definitely give it a try! Their stuff is super afforable and nice from what I’ve tried. This particular color (5) is very subtle and has been my go-to for a while.

5- Sephora nectar shine (Raspberry shine) & Sephora hot pink lipstick


My favorite combo when I want a bright lip. I’m usually not bold enough to go for reds, so I tend to gravitate more towards hot pink. The Sephora lipstick smells great and it’s bright and shiny (definitely not drying), but I like to compliment it with the lipgloss; the shades are very similar and the latter is supposed to be a “hydrating care gloss” with SPF.

So do you have/like any of these? What are you loving at the moment when it comes to lips?

That’s all for me today guys, I will see you next week! Take care,

Marta xxxx


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