Paint Me Sunday – Excuses and Mantras

Hey all of you! How are you? I hope you guys are well, regardless the situation in Paris and Beirut. It’s time for prayers, meditation and acts. Those acts can go from kinds words to helping the person that’s near you. We need to show that the people that died didn’t left us in vain. And for that, I decided to bring a very ‘light’ post about mantras to live with us and excuses that we need to stop telling us.

“The Excuses”

i) I don’t have time

Normally we do have time, we just keep postponing it! When I really want to do something, I try to add it on my schedule, even if it’s weeks ahead; at least I’ll have to see it written and I’ll have to think about it. When I feel like there’s no use insisting because it has taken so much time to start doing it and I don’t feel inspired anymore, I just give up. Time is precious and there’s no use wasting it while doing something that’s not useful or inspiring.

ii) I’m not going to make the difference

Everyone makes it – we just feel like we don’t because normally we are overwhelmed by our surroundings. Sometimes thinking about everything in an objective way will help you see that deep inside… We’re all humans. We all share the same fears and the same environment. If the person x can make the difference, why can’t you?

iii) I don’t have the skills/it’s too hard/I don’t have money to afford it

These are the worse excuses for sure! I always feel frustrated when someone tells me this, especially if it’s their opinion about my plan. I always have 1001 plans and ideas that I want to create and see its result but I’ve been judged so many times that sometimes is hard to move forward. I might not have the skills but Youtube isn’t just for laughing. It might be hard but german also is and I’m learning, right? I might not have the amount of money that I need but there are still piggy banks!


“The Mantras”

Be humble and compliment;

If you expect kind words you’ll have to give them too;

If you want to be the best make sure it is because you worked hard and not because you’ve destroyed others’ work;

Time is always shifting and what matters is your inner clock, not the callendar;

Even if we don’t succeed, the most important thing is to keep dreaming;

I hope you Painters have an excellent Sunday. Please pray for peace!




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