Skin care

Hey, painters!

Today it’s all about beauty. We don’t get tired of saying that your skin must be treated with the importance that it has. Skin care is life, is vitality. You must take care of your skin because it’s the veil of your soul.
With this thought in mind we, members of your team, took advantage of a sleep over that we did to do a beauty ritual. We made our skin our God, our best friend and gave it the time, the care and the importance that it needs. It took some time and some products but it was totally worth it.


> Step 1: Clarifying cleansing foam

It’s important that you clean your skin and remove all the oil, impurities and pollution

> Step 2: 2 in 1 Peeling mask

We made a peeling: a whole process that consists in the removal of the superficial skin layers, either with the use of a chemical, physical or laser.

WP_20151113_02_16_32_Pro [2894]

> Step 3: Powder mask

We made a clay mask.

WP_20151113_02_18_08_Pro [2895]

> Step 4: Exfoliating cleanser 

With all the open pores and dead cells, we made an exfoliation to remove them and clarify the open pores.

WP_20151113_02_21_37_Pro [2896]

> Step 5: Soothing and rehydrating fresh mask

Hydration, hydration, hydration: moisturizing cream or moisturizing mask.

WP_20151113_02_25_19_Pro [2899]

This is it for today, painters. Try this at home and give us your feedback! It’s as important to us to hear your opinion as this treatment is important for your skin.

See you on wednesday and until there, be sassy, be you, be taking care of you skin.

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