TGIF Painters! This was such a tiring week and I don’t even know what to expect for the next one. I’m having tests every single week, along with homework and some paper work. Overall, it has been extremely wearing. On the other, it has been positive to know where my priorities are and to focus on them – this is mainly about my well being. In March-April, I would first create a thousand posts, take loads of pictures and then rest some terrible 5 hours of sleep. Now I decided that I can’t develop what I want to if I’m not well enough. I need to feel comfortable, confident and ready to move – it really doesn’t matter if you can write 3 posts a day if they don’t have enough content and passion in them. It’s about quality and not quantity. It’s being a hard change but I like what I see! When I do posts closer to its date I can feel I’m writing them in a more authentic way.

This post was mainly about how nice the weather is in Portugal (I know, being mean to everyone else!). It hasn’t rained for days and I’m not actually wearing Autumn clothing, just some pieces like this skirt. Although for me Winter > Summer, I assume I have a problem when it comes to wardrobe – I never use all my Summer clothing whereas I’m always tired of my Winter garments. This year everything is going smoothly because the weather is still sunny and really hot! It’s a bless and I hope I can still have some days wearing t-shirts and light jackets.

12231610_853746018057201_1902654646_n 12231630_853746034723866_657731901_n 12232998_853745981390538_1957189436_n 12233044_853735508058252_156109433_n 12233203_853735484724921_1965325556_n 12242130_853735504724919_2004368966_n 12243657_853746051390531_1963709952_n 12248689_853735494724920_1271767460_n12226276_853746054723864_1556560441_nWhat are you guys planning to do during the weekend? 😉




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