SU’s latest changes and why it is happening

Hello painters, Luís coming right back at ya and today I have REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS about SU (and yes, the banner image was done by me using Microsoft Paint).

As some of the older readers may know, SU was born from the tag-team between me and Ângela where we would talk about our opinions about very different subjects; these posts always had a lot of interested readers even though there were not a lot of comments but, as time went by and Ângela left the project, I started forgetting the real purpose of it. Newer posts barely have my own opinion about anything and with that the last remains of the original SU’s essence died.

This is why me, Ângela and the rest of Team Yellow decided to make a complete overall of this project, I will keep posting every Thursdays but it will not be under the name of Summing Up and instead the blog will use this category to make a catch up about EVERY post of the month; I’ll explain: normally this blog receives on average 30 posts per month and that is a lot for a small project like ours, so in order to help you keep track of everything on the first day of every month the new SU will kick in, replacing the normal post that you would expect from that day, and in it you will find brief summaries and links to every post of the last month.

As for me I will post as always on Thursdays under a new project or none at all (thinking about ”A day with Luís” but I need to talk about it with PMY’s big mama first). So with all this it’s with a bit of saddness that I say goodbye to the last ”normal” SU. I will see you guys next week like nothing has happened though so stay tuned!

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