Our Wishlist

Hey, painters. How are you all doing today?

Can you already feel the Christmas environment in the air? The shopping centers are already full of lights and decorations, which make you feel Santa’s magical breath on your cheek and the smell of cinnamon and roasted apple take over your nose. Can you feel this too? Or is it just us that are getting crazy (which is clearly possible)?

Pulling this feeling out, we are going to make you our Santa and externalize our thoughts and emotions about Christmas. So, dear painters, this is our wishlist letter, to you, with love, from your always nice kids, Paulo and Luísa.

Luísa’s wishlist:


Hat: Stradivarius


Bag: Stradivarius


Blouse: Zara

Paulo’s wishlist:


Jacket and Shirt: Topman


Jacket: Zara

So, dear painters, as you know we were polite and well-behaved all year, in consequence, we think we deserve those beloved gifts, because, despite the hipocrite theory “we don’t care about the presents, we just want health, love and world peace”, we are honest and, for us, x-mas presents are indeed important. Don’t you agree? Who doesn’t like presents? Everyone likes them. So, let’s be honest, grab a pen and start writing your Santa’s letter too.

See you on saturday. Until there, be you, be sassy, be writing your Christmas wishlist letter.

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