Instagram accounts you should really follow!

Hello guys, how are you all? 😉 Today I decided to bring a type of posts that I enjoy way too much reading yet I don’t to that much. I always follow recommendations from my favourite bloggers and youtubers since we have similar taste – it’s like falling in love with the work of more people without even searching for it! Definitely a plus. So I decided to bring you guys some of my currently favourite Instagram accounts 😉

1 randomactsofpastel – This might be a peculiar one because I absolutely love her account… yet I don’t follow her website. I really don’t know why this is happening but I guess I don’t feel like I need more inspiration,maybe? Her pictures have great quality and are pretty much about her life and her awesome pastel hair. Yes, you really need to like pastel tones and cats to follow this account. Apart from that, I think you can go pretty well 😉


heyheyheybooks – An obligatory follow if you enjoy books as I do! This account focuses on book opinions, to be read lists and really pretty covers. Her photographs have a really nice vibe and enviromnent in it – it feels so cozy and heart warming!

3WishWishWish – I talk to pretty much everyone about this blog and I can’t avoid it! Carrie is an enthusiastic gal that enjoys tattoos, cats and skirts. Her style is so inspiring and she’s on my top 5 favourite bloggers. Since I love her blog so much, of course I’ll be watching her on Instagram! Her snaps are very delicate, minimalist and full of white, rose gold and bright colours. She doesn’t mind risking when it comes to style and she likes Japan (here’s a plus!).

4mikeseehagel – This sir takes landscape snaps so well that I can’t avoid wanting to go everywhere where has went! He never takes photographs to someone in particular but to a scene, a movement. I feel really inspired when I see these photographs and they make me wonder when will I travel again.

5kristinenor – This might not be an account for everyone’s taste but every once in a while I like to go there and check her new posts. I truly enjoy them, they are very calm, relaxing and inspiring. She only takes pics in a certain angle and plays only with B&W. A must if you want to chill your eyes for a bit 😉

That is all for today! I’m not sure if you’re going to enjoy this type of post but if you do comment or give a thumbs up! I’ll might do some more in the future 🙂

xx and have a great n’ happy sunday!



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