The Bookclub – November

Hey, painters! How are you?

This month, it’s up to us – Paulo and Luísa – to do the beloved Bookclub. So, these are the books that catch the eye of each team member. We hope you like them and that they may get into your “read before die” list.



This book’s called The Island on Bird Street and it was written by Uri Orlev. I read it during October and it was just so sweet that I had to talk about it. The story follows a jewish boy trying to survive during WW II in an abandoned house while waiting for his father who promised he would come back.
The language is really easy to read and once you pick it up it will be quite impossible to stop! Although it’s a book for youngsters, you should really try it – it will make your heart feel warm. 😉


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This month’s book is Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, and we had to read it for college. It is said in the book that “the story deals with the highly disturbing effects of economic, social and political exploitation on European and African societies and the cataclysmic behaviour this induced in some individuals”, so we thought it would be boring.
Anyway, we read it and we actually enjoyed it. It is a very interesting book, we recommend it to people who like to know more about other societies.



Remember when I said I read a lot in the last month of vacation? Well, I haven’t read any books since (ugh, college!), but I still need to talk to you guys about Dorothy Koomson’s “The Rose Petal Beach”. It’s a book full of plot twists and it will turn your head into a knot! It’s one of those books that look really sweet and seem like light reads, but then when you actually start reading them, they are true holes of desperation and chaos (e.g., Joanna Rees’ “A Twist of Fate”, that even came with a cute sparkly necklace I still wear, but ended up giving me nightmares for days!). However, the truth is, no matter how crazy and improbable the plot twists seem, the narrative is still going to ensnare you and stop you from putting the book down. It’s not really a light read (be ready for feeling sick to your stomach, guys, I’m serious), but it’s not difficult to read because you’re always intrigued and curious about how things will unfold. And the book is written from several points of view, which makes it all the more interesting and surprising!

So this is it for today, painters! Have you read any of these books?

Have an amazing weekend! See you on wednesday! ^.^


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