Some Beauty Bits… Autumn Make Up à la Carte

Hey to all of you, Painters! How are you all doing? I’m here today to talk about a love of mine that I haven’t written about lately and yes, I definitely miss it – make-up. I have no idea why I haven’t talked about this sooner! Something must have slipped through my mind. Either way, let’s just start and enjoy the prettiness! The products that I picked are very affordable and easy to find. The final look? I was looking for something very natural and hydrating, perfect for Autumn. It’s a very fresh look, just like Summer, but with warmer colours to remind us that Winter is coming. Let’s go!

The Primer

I’m still enjoying this and I don’t really know when I’ll buy a new one (although I do keep an eye on Kiko’s ones!), that is All About Matt! by Essence. This tiny tube contains an oil control make-up base and can be used with or without make-up. You just need to use the smallest amount of product and it will balance out your oily skin. I do like to use this because I do a lot of different tasks during the day and no, an oily lady isn’t attractive at all!

The Foundation

I’ve been testing the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation by Kiko and so far I’ve liked this! This is a totally different opinion from Sofia’s since she didn’t enjoy this base that much. I do agree with her, this is a very subtle product and it’s not easy to work with multiple layers, it just gets too sticky and fake. Apart from this problem, it’s a really great foundation if you want to use in a casual way – use it in a very light way and it’s just perfect. Since we want to achieve a juicy and hydrating look, this is a great pick (and it’s super cheap!).

The Cheeks

For my cheeks I’ve been using Life’s a Cherry by Essence. It’s a pink tone very playful and more into the raspberries type of pink? I just think it brightens your face instantly during the cold days 😉


The Lashes

Guys, I cannot describe you how much I’m loving the Super Colour Mascara by Kiko! I use the shade Plum 05 and it’s basically a burgundy colour with some brown tones in it. I use it pretty much everyday for casual events and daily life and I’m just in love with it – it separates my lashes beautifully, it gives them the perfect length… And since my eyes are green, it makes them look bigger, whereas black mascaras make them look smaller and smokey-ish.

The Lips

Lastly, to achieve a no make-up make-up look during Autumn, I picked a product from H&M’s beauty department (yup, I also love it). It’s their Lip Colour To-Go in the shade In Bloom. The formula of these lipstick pencils is just great, it’s creamy and tastes so well – not sure about how long the last though. I think they last pretty well but this colour is so neutral that it disappears quite easily. Nevertheless, I just love it – it’s so elegant,it’s a shimery rose pink with a bit of orange – hard to explain!

And that is all for today, Painters! Comment down bellow what do you think of these products if you’ve tried them before or if you want to!

And yes, TGIF.



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