Balmain X H&M

Hey, painters! Welcome to our fashion saturday!

Today, we’re going to be trend setters, rule breakers, limit crackers! That was what the pioneer Oliver Rousteing did (as always). The iconic designer of the credible french brand Balmain smashed boundaries by holding hands with the nordic low cost brand H&M, joining high standards to ‘status: living under an economic crisis’ regular people. The purpose was to bring high fashion, couture and quality pieces to the daily buyer!

Balmain, by the person of Oliver, held hands with the gigantic H&M; result: magic. Although these 101 pieces handmade by the french high brand didn’t come out with the usual H&M prices, they also don’t have the megalomaniac prices of the heavy weight of the Paris fashion week hause! This is the arrangement: Quality, Couture, High Fashion with reasonable prices. Result: together Balmain and h&m are going to shake the rules of the fashion world with the premiere of the collection tomorrow, the fifth of November of 2015.


img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_27_235712 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_24_235711 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_22_235710 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_20_235709 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_19_235708 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_17_235707 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_15_235706 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_13_235705 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_11_235704 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_09_235703 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_06_235702 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_04_235701 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_02_235700 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_36_00_235699 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_35_57_235698 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_35_55_235697 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_35_53_235696 img_386x605$2015_10_15_12_35_51_235695





♥ Paulo’s favourite pieces from the male collection:






♥ Luísa’s favourite pieces from the female’s collection:






This is it for today, painters! Be aware of the release of the collection TOMORROW. It’s going to be revolutionary. You really don’t wanna miss this. As always, the fashion universe keeps on surprising us. That’s why it is such an interesting and super vibrant art!! This time it was thanks to Oliver, H&M and Balmain that we once more got excited with something that fools say “it’s just fabric and clothes”. It’s not, it’s art, it’s life style!
For that we give Oliver Rousteing, H&M and Balmain the PASSION OF FASHION PAULO AND LUÍSA AWARD.

See u on wednesday and until there, be you, be sassy, be paying attention to the premiere of this breathtaking partnership.


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