Outfit of the day #1 – simple weekend

Hello! Happy Monday everyone (I don’t know if I can say that because you know, it’s Monday after all, but still). Today is OOTD time! So this is what I wore this weekend, it’s all very simple and nice for the weather we have here at the moment. It’s been quite autumnal but not too cold yet (bless!).


The highlight of my outfit, I gotta say, is my new scarf. It’s from Primark so it was pretty cheap and it’s everything a scarf is meant to be: huge, cozy and warm. Even though it’s patterned it’s back and white so you can style it with many different things, plus this pattern is quite on trend. Perfect accessory to warm you up.

In terms of actual clothes, I wore one of my favorite basics in my wardrobe: a long sleeved white tshirt from Zara. And on top of that, my green fringe cardigan from Lefties.


For bottoms I was typical me (for real though) and chose simple blue jeans. I wore my black ankle booties from Stradivarius; they’re really comfortable and have a slight pointy toe, which ~fun~ fact: in the past I used to absolutely hate pointy shoes but now I kinda love them. I feel like as long as they aren’t way too pointy to the point (lol) that they look witch-like, they do look sophisticated.

And that was it, I loved the overall colors and textures of this outfit.


Sorry the quality of the pics is not super proper or anything, but I actually like how casual and informal this type of mirror/selfie outfit pictures are. I just wanted to share with you what I wore!

Take care and have a great week, guys xx

Marta 😉

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