Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #1

Hey, painters! How are you doing?

Today we are going to premiere another special series that will come out regularly. On the last saturday of every month, we will post a critical review. Everything and anything could be under our judgemental eye.

We will criticize everything, comment on everything, evaluate everything, judge everything and spy it all. Nothing and no one is safe. Nothing and no one can escape. No use hiding or fleeing because nothing escapes our magnifying glass or our indiscreet eye. We have an opinion on everything and we just can’t be silent.

We will give the object of our review a classification from 0 to 5, but each number matches a fun duo’s name, like:

0 = Paulo&Luísa’s blhac medal
1 = Luísa’s mediocre medal
2 = Paulo’s keep trying medal
 3 = Duo’s star to be medal
4 = PMY’s on the edge of perfection medal
5 = Paulo&Luísa’s wow per-fucking-fection wow

Today’s review is on Adele’s new song, ‘Hello’. The song is just one in a million. Powerful, soulful, amazing, new, vibrant, brilliant, moving and addictive.
Adele’s vocals are breathtaking and it is unlike anything that is on the market. This is a form of Adele saying: “I’m here bitch!”. And the videoclip in sepia tones shows a deep emotion that passes to whom watches it.

For these reasons and more, Adele gets a 4 – PMY’s on the edge of perfection medal.

This is it for today! We hope you liked it. Do you like this song? Do you like this videoclip? Let us know. Which classification would you give to Adele?
Our review is back next month, remember, the last saturday of November. Come on this journey with us! Let’s get critical! Let’s judge.

Until there be you, be sassy, be saying Hello to people around, because sometimes when we are sad, one simple Hello makes us smile.

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