Summing Up – My first DIY!

Hello painters! Welcome back to another SU. Today I will show you how I turned a normal wooden box into something with a lot more personality. It is a great present if you don’t know what to give and you can even fill it with more goodies for a (even) better present!

You will need:

  • wooden box
  • ruller in case you want to draw straight lines
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • a pen specialized in this sort of work (take the box to an art shop and ask for advice on which pen to buy!)

Now that you have all that is required, let’s start by drawing the base line for your box using the pencil!

Next, proceed to outline everything with the pen and filling what you need. Personally, I think that the cartoonish drawings with low detail are amazing, easy to make and quite underrated. If you want to draw in other ways, then you will need to buy extra stuff.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY, it is very simple and if you can waste some hours that you have to spare, it’s a good hobby! See you guys next time!


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