Recent Beauty Purchases (and an Acne Update)

Hello, painters! I’d like to talk to you guys a bit about skin care and, specially, how to cover it up!

I’ve recently taken a few shopping trips to KIKO, so I could find some cheap, but quality products, that won’t make my acne worse. And while we’re on that topic, I actually wanted to give you guys a small update since I last posted about this issue in this post.

For a while, my skin condition got a whole lot better. Angie even said my complexion looked more clear and the scars were starting to heal a bit. But this past month, I’ve had a lot of breakouts again, along with that feeling of being far too oily. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’ve been eating, but mostly with either stress or my pill. Either way, it hasn’t been a very nice phase, but I can guarantee the products I’ll talk about here help quite a bit!

I wore them this Saturday night out to my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, and I really did feel very confident and happy with my makeup look. So you can all have a peek, here are a few photos!

The products I’ve used are the ones below, and the new ones are the Matte Foundation and the Skin Revolution Concealer, both by KIKO. I’ll also talk a bit about the Universal Fit Foundation, since I now know the product a bit better.

  • The Universal Fit has been a bit of a let down. It doesn’t have a fantastic coverage, and because it’s meant to hydrate the skin, it makes me feel a bit oily after a few hours. But I used it as a primer on Saturday and I think it worked well. It’s nice if you just want a bit of natural coverage and it’s cheaper than other options.
  • The Skin Revolution Concealer is a stick concealer and it works much better than my current liquid L’Oreal concealer. It stays on a lot longer and it has better coverage. I really liked this one!
  • Finally, the Mat Mousse Foundation is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It looks creamy when you take a little dab, but when you spread it with the brush, it becomes almost powdery. It really helps achieve that matte look, and it didn’t feel oily at all during the night. It also had a nice coverage, so this one deserves a great review all around 😉

And that is it for today, painters! I hope you enjoyed these small reviews and my Saturday-night makeup look.

Stay awesome,



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