Face off #1

Hey, painters! How are you doing? We are doing great and fellin’ great despite the rain (yes, here is a warm weather and raining at the same time!).

Today we are going to do something special. Now, in all the penultimate saturdays of every month we will make a regular series of posts, all with the same subject. This special series will be called face off! Which means that, every month, there will be a face to face between two things, to opposite stuff. It may be objects, ideas, music, people, countries and so on.

Today’s face off will put aside the north and the south of Portugal, two cities, Porto and Lisbon. On the right corner, with 237 591 inhabitants, we’ve got Oporto… And in the left corner, with 547 733 inhabitants, it’s Lisbon. Which one is the best? May the odds be always in your favour. And may the best win! This is a face off!!


Pros 🙂

→ It’s considered one of the top cities to visit by several credible travel websites

→ It’s both a daytime and nighttime city

→ It has the best restaurants in the world

→ The buildings (both old and new) are breathtaking

→ It is great for all the family (from the grandchilds to the grandparents)

→ It is modern, vibrant and trendy

→ It is cosmopolitan but also has green spaces and parks

→ The downtown is one of the most beautiful in the world

→ The river and the river journeys by boat are amazing

→ It has Port wine

Cons 😦

→ The public transports are always overcrowded and never come on time

→ The traffic drives you nuts








Pros 🙂

→ It’s one of the capitals of fashion

→ It has an amazing culture tradition, with lots of theaters

→ It’s modern and full of energy

→ The architecture and the design are gorgeous

→ It’s the political centre of Portugal

→ It’s Portugal’s biggest city

Cons 😦

→ People are not as nice as Porto’s people

→ It’s an expensive town

→ It’s a bit noisy and crowded





And for all of this the winner is OPORTO! Despite being our city and hometown, Oporto gets the PAULO&LUÍSA GOLD MEDAL because of its value, beauty, aesthetics, architecture, because it is a very complete city, with many incredible restaurants, places to eat, to snack and many, many, many, many places to visit.

Porto is a multifaceted city with daytime activities for all tastes and for all the family and also with a lot of nightlife. It is the PAULO&LUÍSA GOLD MEDAL first winner.
Face off #2 will be back in November, but we, your fav duo, will be back on wednesday.

Until there, be you, be sassy, be in Porto.


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