Guys yes, you know what I’m about to say, please don’t hit me! Well, here it goes – TGIF! This little word doesn’t stop having an effect every time I say it. How are you all doing? Today, it’s fashion day and I’ve brought an outfit with some of my currently loved statement pieces. Do you guys think I’m doing too many fashion-ish posts? If so, please comment! I normally write what I’m currently into and lately I’ve been feeling very risky in terms of clothing. All the money that I used to spend on my pile of to-read books (that are more than 60, ups!)? Right now, it’s all going to fashion. So of course these life decisions will have a touch on my posts – if it’s just being too much, comment! I’ll gladly write about another theme (as long as it’s for you, Painters 😉 ).

As you guys might have noticed from my last FW posts, 70s feels are very high right now and I can’t complain at all (ABBA feels anyone?). Burnt orange, suede skirts and brown tones are pretty much everywhere! I don’t see that many people wearing black or deep and dark colours and I’m quite glad – Winter is really long in Porto and it’s nice to see as many colour as we can for now. To keep the trend alive, I decided to take some shots with some playful items that I’ve layered up – I enjoyed this corduroy and wool mixture!

11997189_938708992869413_894331754_n 12165865_936833269723652_333091702_n12166600_938709256202720_2070379273_n 12167008_938709109536068_1196778671_n 12170344_938709186202727_965382812_n 12170630_938709269536052_1269521772_n12166381_938709159536063_1243487992_n12167060_938709126202733_1721926202_n

Any plans for the weekend? I hope you enjoyed these pics and found some fashion inspiration 😉



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