Summing Up – Halloween Movies to scare your friends

Hey Painters, what’s up? Welcome back to another SU and UISHFIUAFGIUFGHADIFGFH.

Scared? No? Well, I’m bad at this then, thankfully I get scared easily, really easily and with this I will leave you with a list of some movies that made me shit myself (not the best expression on Earth but that’s what we have right now!).

  • The grudge (and sequels);  the first horror movie I ever saw, I was only 10 years old. I still sleep facing my door to make sure nothing gets in and thank every god in this world for not having any space whatsoever between my matress and the floor.
  • The Conjuring; fairly new movie and I’m sure most of you have seen it, still a very good movie to rewatch!
  • The 4th Kind; a lot of people say that this is one of the scariest movie they ever saw, they are probably right!
  • Dead Silence; Well, when the other movies were all about screaming… this movie will make you NOT want to scream.
  • The Woman in Black; some people call the main character by his name, other’s call him by his real name, me? I call him ”Lawyer Harry Potter”.
  • Mama; not the scariest of all (actually funny at some point) but still worth mentioning since it received a lot of hype.

So here are some movies! Bear in mind that this is not a top something, so just play russian roulette and watch whatever!


Still not scared? Well, ain’t you tough.



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