Hot topic – the refugee crisis

Hello, painters! How are you doing?

Today we are going more serious than usual. As you know, we are supporters of living light, with a smile and always positive. Even though this is our life philosophy, we can’t close our eyes to what is happening around us.
The world is dynamic. Changes create twists and that affects us. So we have to adapt our essence to what surrounds us. And we’re not happy with what is happening in Europe. We are not happy with the way people have treated humans. We are not happy with the way the human values have fallen. We are not happy with the refugee issue.

Refugee = human being, sorrow, pain, sadness, misery… Refugee = a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution. Refugee = a person. And as human beings they have the strength and the courage to say no to war, poverty, tyranny and injustice. They, the refugees, also have the humility to ask for help. And we should receive these equals, these who are us, those who ask for hospitably, we should help them and take care of them, instead of closing doors and hearts. For all this and because we cannot ignore this injustice, today’s topic is the refugee crisis.

In the XIX century, in the aftermath of a civil war, it came to the United States one of the biggest waves of emigration from Europe. Those emigrants, who were running from poverty, starvation and misery, saw in the New Continent a source of hope and optimism. They were a lot and they came in boats, the ports were overcrowded, lives were lost in the dark water, mess and chaos were fathers in a land of founding fathers.

In this period, the European migrants were welcomed in the society, the economy and civil life. They were cherished by a society which saw their human value, their will to live which, paradoxically with the grief and despair, teemed in their hearts. These Europeans, thanks to the compassionate spirit of the Americans, flourished, were happy and, more that surviving, they lived.

Nowadays, in the XXI century, the history, cyclic as the wheel of fortune, repeats itself. People are the same, we are the same, we are the face, body and the despair of the Arabian and Asian migrants. We are one, one pain, one hope. But unlike the Americans, Europeans close their borders instead of their prejudices. They close their heart instead of spreading a smile. Open fire instead of their wings.

The walls didn’t fall in 1989. Do we have such a short memory? Did human life lose its value? Is hope and death an anachronism? Times have changed, it’s true, but we are the same. Yes, he is you, he is me. We, the ones who fought, who cried for freedom, fraternity and equality; we, the ones who opened the sea, who destroyed borders, who dreamt, who walked, ran and flied; we, who connected, who created, who loved – are we asleep?  Let’s wake up!

In us you will have home, our place was never ours, it’s yours too. We are one, we are a lot, we are everyone, we are a voice which resists, a light that still shines. Come in! Welcome! May we help you?

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This is not it for today, because we cannot stop, we cannot just watch, we cannot stand still, stand silent, stand motionless. We have to do something. We have to be human, we have to act human and we must love humans. We want to help. That’s important. But more than that, we will help. That’s essential. This is our little way to spread the word, to help, to do.

Share the love, share the message. For more technical information. To do something, to do more, to help. To get to know the reality. To get to know what’s happening…. GO TO THIS PAGES BELOW AND DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES. Don’t do nothing. The least that we can do is to stay informed.

See you on saturday. Until there… be you, be doing something to help.

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