Halloween ideas! Costumes, makeup, accessories, recipes & more

Hi guys! How are you? Marta here to bring you Monday’s post – get ready because today is about to get… bloody amazing. After all, Halloween is coming soon! Are you planning on dressing up into something terrifying or are you keeping it subtle? Either way, I’m bringing you some of the best Halloween ideas. I separated them into different categories and linked everything. Enjoy!

Costumes, clothes & shoes

  • The best place to get ideas for Halloween costumes is definitely Youtube! All you need to do is search for what you’d like and you’ll find something to recreate or at least get inspiration from.
  • Tess Christine has great DIYs for couple and group costumes, other than individual ones of course. If you’re out of ideas, her Zombie tutorial is a classic and works great as a last minute idea.
  • If you’re looking for clothes instead of a scary costume, ASOS has an amazing selection of Halloween-esque stuff. Check out this pair of bat slip-on shoes and these “AAH, BOO” tshirts you can share with a friend. If you’re wearing something classy like a simple black dress to a party spice it up with some spider web tights.
  • Velvet is perfect for this time of the year – like this really cute navy dress or this men’s blazer. And because it’s not too costume-y you can totally wear it during the rest of the fall/winter.

Sem Título


  • I found Chrisspy’s channel, she’s a makeup artist and has the most amazing tutorials like the gangster clown (perfect if you want something original and vintage looking) or this half skull makeup (my favorite, looks awesome and it’s not too overwhelming as it only takes half of the face).
  • If you’re going for something more realistic and gruesome, try this bleeding eye injury tutorial.
  • If this is not gory enough for you, you need to check this channel – it’s all special effects that will WOW you!
  • Something I never thought I’d see, but apparently it’s a thing… DIY Snapchat filters. It doesn’t get more current than that.
  • Halloween is the perfect occasion to bring on the fake lashes, especially really crazy ones! Here and here.


Accessories & nails


Recipes & treats


I hope this was helpful, and most important, make sure to have lots of fun!

xo Marta


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