Book-ish Medley #1 Halloween

Hello once again Painters – here’s post number 2 and it is going to be about one of my favourite things on Earth – books! Since Halloween is coming, I decided it would be a good idea (not a very creative one) to bring you guys some books that are appropriate for this festivity and weather. I definitely advise you to read this under a blanket and drinking a cup of coffee! Shall we start?

The Spooky Reading – Short Stories from Hell

This book is about prom… and horror stories that may happen on that special high school event 😉 It has quite a simple writing style (in english) and it’s really easy to read and understand. This book has 5 short stories from 5 female authors (including Meg Cabot!). It’s a quick and easy book to read during a spooky night!

The Thriller Reading – Bloodline, James Rollins

This book follows 2 different ages – Galilee in 1025, where a Templar knight that discovers a sacred treasure and also 2025, where some Somali pirates kidnap a young american woman and kill her husband brutally. I have this book on my to read section and I really wish I could start reading it because I can’t figure it out how can this treasure still be important after a milenium! This book definitely looks like a breathtaking adventure.

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The Magical Reading – The Colour of Magic, Terry Pratchett

If you’re not into scary books, fantasy and magical ones are always a great choice – it gives you the Halloween feeling without scaring you at all 😉 I’ll be reading this book since Luís enjoyed it so much. It follows some bizarre characters that are traveling out of space? It’s something like this – I’m quite positive it’s an interesting and curious plot! Also, these covers are just gorgeous.

The Mystery Reading – The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Lastly, I picked a book that has been discussed a lot during 2015 – this book tells us the story of 3 women that are somehow connected to a common situation; Rachel is the girl on the train and watches a couple that seems perfect everyday but one day she sees something she shouldn’t had seen. Megan is the perfect girl that Rachel thinks she is and finally Anna, who is currently the wife of Rachel’s ex husband. Complicated, right? I recommend this book, the ending is so shocking and all the characters were very well developed!

And that is all for today! Have you guys read any of these books before? Are you planning to read some Halloween themed books? 😉



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