Portugal’s quality seal #5

Hey, painters! How are you doing? We hope you all have the best of the saturdays, the best of the weekends!

Today, unfortunately, is the last Made In Portugal Quality Seal. We obviously saved the best for the end because, guess what, today is all about food. As you know we are (more that you can possibly imagine) foodies. Food is the best thing in the world, it is our true and more loyal friend and it’s like our fashion style: more is more.

So, put your foodporn hashtags on because this is Portugal taking over your shopping list and groceries. This is the portuguese brands that we are proud to call ours:

  • Regina: One of the most loved and traditional portuguese brands. It produces chocolates and candies that make the delight of generations. It had an important role in our grandparents’ and parents’ childhood. But now, with their restyling, they became unique, original, creative and distinctive from the rest that is on the market. YUMMMIII and super delicious are quite on point to classify this brand.


  • Casa Grande: Casa Grande is a refined, gourmet and super avant garde interpretation of the new chocolate flavours and the new meaning of what chocolate is in the XXI century. It is innovative, creative and always pushing the boundaries. Casa Grande Chocolatier has also been associated to several wine tastings.


  • Tété: Concepts such as simplicity, subtlety and elegance characterize Tété’s products and show a long experience of the brand with more than fifty years. The mastery of this brand is actually the balance between innovation and tradition.


  • Boa Boca: To realize the vision of promoting the best of what is done in Portugal, Boa Boca established partnerships with small producers who keep the secret of producing art with products such as biscuits, chocolates, teas, jams, wines or liqueurs. To these high quality traditional products only add a strong design component as a differentiating aspect of the product itself. This concept of food plus design first aim is to promote Portuguese artisan flavors, combining them with amazing gastronomic combinations. The styling of the contemporary packaging is also remarkable. Moreover, a simple style is the key to this company success.


  • Meia Dúzia: Portuguese Flavours Experience provides tasting experiences in packs of 6 (“meia dúzia”, meaning half a dozen) flavours. The Pack makes it possible to bring home 6 flavours and enjoy it in your room in a quiet way, gift a friend or loved ones with a unique flavour experience of fruit jams in tube. Glamorous, stylish, modern, clean and sophisticated, this brand goal is to amaze with the creation of unexpected and unique flavours.


  • Paladin: Vinegars, mayos, mustards, ketchups, sauces and many many more. This could be just another, boring sauce company, but Paladin adds the pride of being portuguese, our heart, soul and history to the desire of experiment and the daring of being different, which results in the best sauces in the world.


  • José Gourmet: Three years ago, they started the association from this old and prestigious “trademark” with products. Olive oil from the oldest trees within our borders, firewater from Lourinhã, canned goods from the seas of our coast and more. José selected some of the best classics, created some new ones, “dressed” them according to our century and showed them to the world. They truly believe in sustained growth and want to be “somewhere” in 5 years seeking the balance between work and fun in between.


  • Yonest: The Yonest True Yogurt was born to give portuguese people the taste and the freshness of the true homemade greek yogurt, like the one made in the old days. This brand was inspired in Greece to make a very genuine, tasteful and simple yogurt.


  • Gallo: They are passionate about Olive Oil, which are added to over 90 years. Their aim is to bring olive oil into every nation’s diet plans: they want consumers to know more about the benefits of this “liquid gold” and to understand how it can be a part of every cuisine. Making outstanding olive oil implies extensive knowledge, training and dedication. To make a great “olive juice” we can only count on the fruit – the olives. No additives, no preservatives, no colorings are allowed.


  • Oliveira da Serra: In Oliveira da Serra, they believe that it is thanks to an enormous commitment and dedication that they can have the best olive oils in the world. Oliveira da Serra selects the most suitable lots to bring to the table the best of oils made with the best of olives. Offering some of the most awarded olive oils in the world.


  • Casal Garcia: Casal Garcia wine has a beautiful, transparent colour and such a freshness that everyone always get thrilled when they drink it. Fruty, clean and magical. A brand to watch.


  • Compal: The magic, richness, freshness, sumptuousness of fruit nectars in pure joy packages full of vitality and flavour. Being healthy, eating vitamins, nutrients and minerals has never been so delicious. Compal is truly organic, special and remarkable .


  • Gorila: Since 1975, Gorila makes history by making one of the most tasty chewing gums in the world. It became a symbol in the lives of many generations arousing emotions and sweet memories. Gorila is, still today, synonymous of “True Bubble Gum” 100% Portuguese. Today, the Gorila brand wants to bring even more sweetness to the lives of everyone. With the launch of new products and an even longer taste experience, Gorila is back to amaze young and old. The new brand: Gorila Go Up – Finally Gorila has gone for sugar free gums, which everyone expected. Gorila Go Up, with an innovative format, amazing flavors and the same identity as always, the chewing gum of the Portuguese people now being a reference in the market. Be amazed by Desire Strawberry, Lemon Ginger, Greenmint and Freshmint. Gorilla Go Up – a sugarless gum.


  • Avianense: Quality, refinement, elegance, magic in one little piece of chocolate. We kept this brand to the end and it will be the one with the shortest description because there’s no words to describe this brand… It is just our favourite.


This is it for today, painters. The last of this special series. We are now going to close the gates of the Made In Portugal Quality Seal. Did you like it? What was your favourite brand, your favourite product, your favourite post? Let us know. See U on wednesday and until there, be you, be sassy, be eating.

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