Portugal’s quality seal #4

Hello painters! A yellow wednesday to you all. We are definitely having one.

Today we are taking our Made In Portugal subject further! We are quite the lovers of our home and the moments that we don’t have anything to do (rare moments) and we can simply stay comfortably at home. Today we will play with vocabulary, putting together our home – Portugal – and our home – house.

Another ode to Portugal plus an ode to our beloved sanctuary that is our house! We strongly believe that our homes are the manifestation, the externalization and the extension of ourselves, our personality and our tastes. Our home is where we live, where we grow up, where we love and where we draw our way, so let’s celebrate it and spoil it with the best – the portuguese brands/products!

  • Castelbel: Castelbel is the TOP portuguese brand at manufacturing and distributing the best quality home and body scented products that combine outstanding design with exquisite fragrances and the finest formulations.


  • ClausPorto: A Porto’s traditional cosmetic brand that goes through the whole family beauty rituals for generations. As you know we are activists of the skin, which means we say hip hip hurra to daily skin care, we give Claus the “Paulo and Luísa’s quality seal”. This is the best you can get regarding simple/basic skin treatment.


  • Antiga Barbearia de Bairro: Classic, sophisticated, elegant and ethereal, this brand is the utopia of men’s shaving. Feel like a dandy, a James Bond, a heartbreaker, a bucolic gentleman and a romantic bohemian, use Antiga Barbearia de Bairro.


  • Renova: A high tech toilet paper company. The luxury comes in double sheets. Renova is, not only the Ferrari of toilet paper, but also a super creative company that broke the rule “the sky is the limit” in such a limited business.


  • Beija Flor: Eccentric, new, hypnotic, romantic but with a pinch of modernity, geometric but soulful, simple but with a zing. This notebook brand is the physical manifestation of the “lusa” heart and soul.


Even though Summer is, sadly and unfortunately, over, we, as Portuguese people, spend half of the year on a beach and the other half thinking of it. So we will metaphorically bring the Summer back in this Hot Season Products Revival.

Portugal, as a mediterranean, almost tropical, country, and with some of the finest, goldest and most breathtaking beaches in the world, we are making an alliance between Portugal and beachy products, which results in Made in Portugal Quality Seal for Summer Products.

  • Péu: Peu is a sun hat Portuguese brand with lots of style and coolness. Longtime friends, Joana Cruz and Rita Fonseca love the beach, which became, without a doubt, the ideal setting for a project in common. One summer afternoon, the idea for the brand was born from the desire to decorate the place where sun worshipers set foot in the sand whenever they can. Standards are simple: make the product unique, irresistible are handpicked. The models are quite exclusive. The measures vary according to the needs and finishing details give them a unique motion.


  • Funky Project: Funky Project was born from an idea to create something unique and harmonious. They wanted to develop a different design, fun and funky – this is the key word!! So one fine afternoon of beach, the owners were talking and rambling about what they liked to do, to develop, create and there was the idea! How about starting Funky!!!! Can beach clothes be funny? Yes, it is possible. At Funky everything is possible.


  • Sol d’Algodão: Do you also think that beach towels are always the same boring, without creativity, with no sense of fashion and beauty and without design, story???? Not anymore!!! This brand is here to help. Two words: circular towel, a concept: innovative patterns. Round Beach Towel + 100% Cotton / 150 cm diameter + amazing patterns = genius.


  • Futah: Futah is the brand and the name given to the new beach towels. The Futah is an alternative to conventional towels which for years have uploaded on our trips to the beach. It is made of 100 % Egyptian cotton natural fiber, the oldest in the world. It is very absorbent, light and colors and patterns that make it a gimmick featured in the summer. Futah’s collections consists of 9 models, all with names from the beaches of the Portuguese coast and each with different color combinations. It will not be an easy choice, but that’s us talking!


This is it for today, painters!!! Did you like it? We hope you did, as much as we liked the making of the post! Next saturday, sadly, we will be posting the last of the Made In Portugal Quality Seal!!! Until there, be you, be sassy, be doing it the portuguese way!!!


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