21 nail ideas for the Fall!

Hi! Last Monday we focused on Fall clothes, this time it’s all about the nails. I went ahead and searched for nail inspiration for the Fall – the result: we’ve got a bit of everything here, so I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy (gotta love this expression :P) and maybe inspire you next time you do your nails.

*credit goes to the pictures’ owners*

To start off, a classic Fall color that can never go wrong and looks good with everything: dark red.
And you can always glitterfy it and make it more glamorous by adding a glitter polish on top.
Get out of your comfort zone – it’s fun to experiment with colors you wouldn’t normally reach for (maybe this green?!)
Ombre is great and one of the easiest nail arts to recreate. Search for tutorials if you need and have fun mixing colors.
Stand out from the crowd with a bold color or super long nails, or both! Why not!
And if you want something truly eye-catching: mirrored nail polish! I really want to try it.
Or go holographic. With the stiletto nails it really looks out of this world.
If you’ve tried all colors and all nail shapes and are looking for something new, what about velvet?
Matte nails look super cool. Get a matte top coat so you can add the effect to any polish you own.
If you’re not into the complete matte look, try having the majority of the nail matte and leaving the tip like normal. Or the opposite! Such simple nail art and looks awesome.
Now if you want to go all out, there are so many tutorials for cute Fall nail designs out there! Time, patience and the right tools are required.
I love the iridescent look! So luxurious.
I don’t even know how this was done but I love the little sparkles.
Nude shades are always a safe bet, even in the colder seasons. These ones have my favorite nail shape: almond!
Grey is a great neutral and has a very modern feel.
You can draw some inspiration from fashion brands. Here royal blue + the Chanel logo.
And here the iconic Burberry pattern. It’s such a lovely idea for the accent nail.
Unsure between a color or glitter? Go half and half!
Marble is another really nice (and not that complicated) design, there are lots of step-by-step tutorials you can check out to learn how to do it. It looks super interesting and each nail is unique.
If nail polish is not enough for you and you’re craving something more, put on some jewels! You can add one to only one nail to keep it simple or even create intricate designs with a few gems. Glue it properly and it can last you up to weeks!

Did you enjoy these? Hope so! ❤

Earlier this year I started getting gel nail polish – it was the first time I got my nails done and I’ve been hooked ever since; it’s not too expensive and they’re still my real nails, but the manicure lasts a LOT longer (and looks better, since I’ve never been very gifted at painting mine). It’s super convenient because I do a lot of handwork at uni that messes up my nails. So yeah, thought I’d let you know! Gel nail polish can be a great option to consider if you’re tired of doing your nails at home, but don’t want to fully commit and get actual gel nails.

‘Till next week, take care!

Marta xx


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