Favourite Collections from S/S 2016 New York and London

Hello all of you – how are you doing? 😉 Fashion Weeks have finally finished and I decided to watch every collection that appeared on my favourite website – Now Fashion, which I definitely recommend you guys to check out! It’s very organized and easy to search. Also, all the pics in this post are from this website, for which I thank of course (I wish I was on the catwalk taking the pics!). I decided that the easiest way to post was to create small galleries with 3 photos each regarding the collections – it’s like a small sample!

I’ve really enjoyed these two weeks and I still haven’t watched all the shows from Milan an Paris. Although London wasn’t as thrilling as New York, it also had some interesting collections and it was amusing to see the differences between shows in these cities. There are definitely some details that every single collection had and those were the ones that I tried to bring to you, Painters – beautiful and inspiring collections with details that will be used in Summer and Spring of 2016. What can I say? 70’s are here and they seem pretty strong! We have loads of suede and midi skirts and bell-bottoms; we can also see fringe, long and loose sleeves, pleats and embroidery.

Looking at these collections, if I had to pick countries/cultures that inspired them, I would go for Greece, Spain and France. Strong eyebrows, red tones and white are well played here and they came along with cornucopias and a lot of other patterns; it really goes from a very elegant, sophisticated yet feminine french outfit to a strong, bold and unique mediterranean patterns. See for yourselves, Painters! 😉

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19Have you watched these collections? What do you think about them?




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