Portugal’s quality seal #3

Hey, painters!

After a short break for the PMY anniversary and to cover the event Porto’s Fashion Night Out, we are back in full speed for our Portuguese Quality Seal Products/Brands special series.

Today, it’s all about accessories. We are here to accessorize your day and to prove that more is more. The Portuguese people always had a strong tradition in jewelry (arts, in general), crafts and in the making of exclusive and unique pieces.

And because of that, we say “yeah, all the way”, as this kind of art’s biggest supporters, to a necklace, bracelet or ring in any look that you’re wearing. Jewelry and accessories are never too much, and due to that, we will combine the best of both worlds: one of the greatest qualities of the Portuguese people – handcrafting – and our eternal love for accessories. Remember, you can’t go wrong with a look with accessories.

  • Eugénio Campos: In our opinion, Eugénio Campos is not only the most successful Portuguese jeweler, but also the best one, due to his creativity and sense of design and aesthetics. He can see what looks best in his customer, responding more effectively to the needs of the modern buyer, while maintaining the outstanding quality, striving for difference and irreverence.


  • Miguel Vieira: The God of, not only men, but also women jewelry. Even though his strongest market is the masculine one. He is unavoidable in the paradigm of Portuguese fashion field, status that we assured after followed collections full of mastery and sense of beauty. His pieces are as beautiful as quite unique and exclusive.


  • Retro P.: Quality of excellence and sophisticated design are the promises of the new Portuguese brand Retro P. The Portuguese brand promises to revolutionize the segment of glasses in Portugal’s hand made pieces, with high quality and an affordable price. The models reflect a sophisticated design and prove that a pair of glasses can be a fashion accessory with the capacity to transform a look.


  • Cabo d’Mar: Cabo D’ Mar is a line of accessories accompanying the nautical trend with all the passion, color, style and power of all that is subject of the Sea. Exclusively handmade in Viana do Castelo, a small city in the North West side of Portugal. Accessories Cabo d’ mar, through the use of real materials used in navigation and boats, have the colours of the region and the magic of the navigation links, which, combined with the good taste of the region where they are produced, allow them to create the perfect match.


  • Cork & Co: Cork is the bark extracted from the cork oak tree. Once the bark is stripped, the tree not only survives but reacts starting to generate another bark, thus creating a new layer of cork that will grow and will be harvested in due time, making it a 100% renewable resource. The harvesting of the cork oak tree is made by highly skilled workers without harming the tree, a very valuable asset and a legally protected species in Portugal. Technicalities aside, Cork & Co is an innovative, creative, imaginative brand and totally avant garde that uses the product that most characterizes Portugal (also being the product we export the most) to make absolutely beautiful pieces, innovative and different from the rest of the world. Accessories made with cork could only be made in Portugal.


  • Valentim Quaresma: Valentim expresses creativity through fashion and art. In 2008, he wins the prize “Accessories’ Collection of the Year” in the international competition ITS#7 in Trieste – Italy, and starts his own brand. Since then, Valentim has been presenting his own collections internationally in events like Bread and Butter Barcelona, 080 Barcelona Fashion, [moment] in Riga, Fashionclash Maastricht in The Netherlands, Cesis fashion art festival in Latvia, Bijorhca in Paris, MoBa 13 “Fetishism in Fashion” in Arnhem, and Manipulating Surface – Portuguese Craftsmanship in London, just to name a few. With his FW11 collection “Alchemy”, which was shown at Mude (Museum of Fashion and Design), he started to take part in the official ModaLisboa annual calendar. He has been the pioneer designer to present an all accessories fashion show in ModaLisboa. Since then, Quaresma became a worldwide phenomenon, having his own pieces on the G.U.Y videoclip, from the pop queen Lady Gaga.


  • Teresa Gameiro: Teresa Gameiro is a portuguese brand that expresses tradition and contemporaneity and focus on recycling and recovery of textile raw materials and also on the local know-how to create environmentally sustainable, high quality and elegant products. The materials used in this bag range from second-hand clothes to industrial textile waste. The weavers that work in the fabrication of these bags are more than 60 years old and are now the last members of their family that still carry with this profession. So, as you can see, you can’t get more sustainable, original, unique and out of the box: and fashion is all about that.


  • Toino Abel: We are here to push it, to be fashion forward and to bring to you new and modern solutions to your daily (fashion) life. To do that, we want to introduce you Toino Abel, a revolutionary handbag brand that replaces the old ans seen bad for baskets. Don’t get scared, because besides being beautiful, modern, romantic, breathtaking, stunning, outstanding and gorgeous, they are functional and practical for your busy daily life.


  • Ideal & Co – Living Heritage: Ideal&Co – Living Heritage is a 100% Portuguese brand, whose aim is, through its collections, to reinterpret, preserve and share the beauty of what is genuine and Made in Portugal. Tradition and contemporaneity are united in the design, construction and finishes of each piece. By choosing and respecting noble prime materials, it presents in each collection exclusive articles, built one by one, in an ecological and sustainable way. This brand is the culmination of diverse histories and experiences: a brand that sees itself as passionate, dreamy and spontaneous, where each piece is much more than just what you see and touch. Ideal &Co, Living Heritage creates pieces that are unique, timeless, highly desirable, and durable, because some things stay with you forever! Although being through the artisan that the product gains the shape idealized by the designers, the most differentiating contribute is in reality given by the hands of the user. By shaping up due to its usage, the piece gains a character and personality of its own, reflecting its own “experiences”. As times goes by, each piece becomes more personal, beautiful, and valuable.


This is it for today, painters. See you on wednesday! Until there, be you, be sassy, be accessorized.

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