Summing Up – Great Apps for your Smartphone

What’s up painters, welcome back to another SU! Today we will talk about some nifty apps that I am sure that you will find useful!

Let’s start our day with I can’t wake up! This amazingly frustating app works as a normal alarm clock!… An alarm clock that requires you to solve a few puzzles to shut it up. Muahaha.


Next we check out our Out of Milk, this is not a simple shopping list app, no no no; it recognizes the products that you type in it and will give you available disccounts at stores nearby of that product. Another good thing is the fact that it is synchronized with tablets and pcs so you can add something at home and your roomate (or something) can check it out and buy it for you!

After we find the best shops to buy, we can get inside of our car and search in Waze for real time data about the condition of the roads: traffic, accidents, anything that happens. In case we find something blocking a path we can always post it in our trusty app so that other people can see what awaits them.


Once we reach the store we find out a really tasty looking food package however it is all in… in Chinese, we simply bust out our Word Lens and our camera translates all the chinese stuff to english, easy as chinese pie.

Are you enjoying our story? Yes? Well I have to finish it here but YOU can keep it going by posting more apps in the comments for the other painters! Hope you guys enjoyed this SU and I will see you next time!


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