The utopia of a neat desk: tips, tricks and DIYs

Hello, painters! To start off October, we are staying within the organization theme and bringing it straight to your desk. I know how unorganized it gets, but since I do it too, no judgement from me! Instead, here are a few tips and tricks on how to conquer the mess, the desk edition.


I think I’ve told you in another post I got a new desk. It’s from Staples and it’s lovely because it has a shelf on top, with lots and lots of books and storage space! There’s also another shelf near the floor, supposedly for your printer and such. Of course I didn’t use it like that, I have a better tip 😉


  • Starting out on top, I have book display to talk about: I’ll begin by emphasizing that books make gorgeous decor items! Looking at your favorite books will help you feel inspired and more at home. My decor tip is that you stack some of the books vertically in one or two piles, and top them off with a decor item that you love. I did this so the different heights of the books wouldn’t be so noticeable and also made to sure to get books with cover colors that went together in those piles. Putting small items in the spare space of the shelf, in front of the books, also looks fantastic. A+ shelf here, y’all!



  • Now onto the actual desk: this is where the messy troubles claim their territory, isn’t it? So what can we do? I’m glad you asked, dear painters, because you can actually do a lot! My easier tip is to put writing staples like pencils, pens, scissors, highlighters and such in cups, tall cans or pretty card boxes. In my desk, you can see a cute perfume card box with the lid cut-off and a plastic cup in the same shades. They work wonderfully and make my supplies super easy to access!
  • Near these cups, you can see another can, with the blue polka dots. I got it as a gift last year (thank you Angie and Luís!), and I love it because it’s so versatile! Right now, I’m using it as a small garbage can and I can say it’s the perfect size for your office trash. It’s far smaller than a regular garbage can, besides looking great on top of your desk.
  • Next, I have a small print on display, and I made that happen simply by inverting the front of a thin CD case and then sliding the paper in. This is great because it creates a great space behind it to hide, let’s say, your hole puncher or other unsightly office tools.


  • Now, we’re getting to the real interesting part! I made a sweet tray to hold those annoying and oh-so-easy-to-lose office supplies, like clips, pens, pins and such. I took these tiny plastic drawers from one of those ugly part organizers and just hot glued them to the lid of a slim shoe box – I know, super easy, right?! I added some of my self-adhesive blue and green paper you may have seen before (throwback to my laptop skin DIY!), so it would have a pop of color. Then, i just filled it in with my most need supplies and, voilà, a perfect desk tray.


  • What I did with the other part of the shoe box is right next to it: I left it as a sort of open storage box, in which I put some toilet paper rolls glued together, to store my cables and such. Behind them, I just placed things like my camera, calculator and cellphone cases. Everything is right there, handy and organized so I won’t mix up my cables and chargers!



  • Onto the bottom: this is where it gets really messy! So, I decided to get rid of the kitchen cart I was using to store crafting supplies (because it was old and looking pretty ugly), and instead move everything to that bottom shelf on my desk. Things are still a bit unsettled, but I’ve started a system I quite like! I put all the scraps in a magazine filer I got from Tiger, and all my paints and related supplies in a huge delivery box I decorated. I stored the smaller items in random, smaller boxes as well. I also used a bigger orange bin and filled it with cups and other round things, and that’s now where I store all the paintbrushes, crafting paper rolls, ruler, glue gun, x-ato knife, etc… It works great having everything in sight!


  • I chose to organize my tools in a small box from Tiger, and what I did was take two pieces of cardboard, fold little flaps and just put them inside the box, leaning on each other (you can also just use one big piece of cardboard and fold it down the middle!). Then, you just put the tools with two “legs” or handles on it and they’re easier to see and grab!
  • Last, but not least, I’m leaving you with the big DIY of the post: a cardboard drawer organizer! I made this one to store things I had in the actual drawer of my last desk. It was pretty easy, although a bigger project: I took a box without a lid, but rather flaps and cut out one of the smaller sides, while gluing the rest of the flaps shut. I cut out these shelf-like pieces of cardboard and used hot glue to get them on the main box. After that, I made small drawers to go inside – and I can say that is the hardest part of the whole DIY, make sure you get your measurements right and prefer to make smaller drawers that will slide well, rather than big drawers that’ll get stuck! To finish off, I just covered everything in the pretty confetti adhesive paper 😉

The last tip I will leave you with, dear painters, is the one I’m sure you’ll dread the most: clear out your desk regularly! This is the only way you can be sure that it doesn’t turn into a chaotic mess before your eyes. Still, I hope these cute tips and DIYs will help make your organizing time more appealing!

Did you like them? Tell me about your desks in the comments!

Stay awesome,



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