Fall fashion trends & essentials

Fall is here! To celebrate that today’s post is all about the new season’s trends. Although I’m more of a spring/summer person (love the sunny weather, warmer temperatures and the perspective of not having school for a couple months) I can’t deny I love Fall fashion. You can layer and play around with your style a bit more. So to get myself – and you too – into the Fall spirit I browsed through a few of my favorite online stores to check out what’s hot right now. Here’s the result…


→ Outerwear

As it starts to get colder outerwear is essential. This year I’m loving vests – they’re trendy and perfect for the Fall weather since they’re not too warm. I’m also into jackets with fun colors and patterns, they’re great to wear with neutral outfits underneath.


→ Floral

No, it’s not just for Spring! I saw a lot of floral stuff out there, so if you’re a fan of the print you can totally rock it even now. Instead of bright colors, these Fall florals are muted and more on the dark side.


→ Green

Green is my favorite color so I love seeing it in so many Fall collections. For instance dark/army green is such a great neutral color without being as plain as black or white. This is a trend I’m definitely sold on.


→ Skirts

This is weird for me to say because I’m such a fan of trousers, but I found so many skirts I love! To sum it all up I spotted 4 trends: the button down skirt (it’s everywhere and in different materials like suede, leather, denim, etc), the printed skirt, the (faux) leather skirt and the midi length.


→ Trousers

Trousers with patterns (bold, funky ones) are really in as well. Again, the colors are toned down for the Fall. There’s green, burgundy, navy, gold. When it comes to jeans, if you’re sick and tired of wearing skinny jeans then rejoice because wide leg and bootcut jeans are definitely back.


→ Shirts

Flannels and blouses (simple or maybe with stripes or polka dots?) are key pieces for the Fall. This year you see a lot of shirts that lace up in the front. And also the 70s/boho trend is making its transition from the Summer to the colder months.


→ Bags

Bags are an all year round essential so I thought I’d include them. I’m loving the backpack style, the fringe and… can we talk about that one with the orange pop of color? I’m a fan! Very Fall/Halloween appropriate.


→ Shoes

And finally, shoes. It’s time to maybe shove your sandals to the back of your shelf and bring on the boots and closed-toe shoes! Ankle booties, either simple or with some details, flat or with a chunky heel (so they’re comfortable and you don’t slip on), are great to invest in. Sneakers are still very much on trend and oxfords are another option to consider.

Like I said previously in my Summer trends’ post, you don’t need to follow any trends if they’re not your thing! But I hope you liked this and were able to get some fresh ideas for the new season. If you’re wondering about where any of these items is from feel free to ask!

See you guys next week,

Marta xx


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