The Bookclub – October

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! Fall is officially here, since today we have a rainy and windy day. I wish I could stay home but today is elections day here in Portugal and everyone from Team Yellow is awake and ready to vote! Without further ado, shall we start talking about books? 😉



Lately I have been reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and I have to say that I got a bit disapointed. When I bought this book I had very high expectations even though I didn’t know anything about it because everything in it seemed perfect; the cover and the beginning of each chapter are AMAZINGLY drawn and even the story is interesting. However, the way it is written is just so…childish. It is really simple to read and despite the story itself being worth of a good review the way that it was written, really does make me feel that this book was meant for children as you can find the main character being called ”little pumpkin” or ”my sweat leaf” – it feels like the author was afraid of writing for an adult. And this book IS for adults because the author talks to us throughout the entire book while saying stuff like ”we are both adults but blablabla”. It seems wrong and looks like the writer was not sure she wanted just a children’s book or not.

Luísa & Paulo


The book we chose this month is Um dia sonhei que voava (I haven’t dreamed of flying for a while). We have to be honest with you, we haven’t read any book this month. And no, it’s not because school has started and we have lots of work, it’s just because we are lazy and we didn’t feel like reading anything. So this book was read a few months ago and we really liked it! It is about Taura, a 48 year-old man who meets a 67 year-old woman and they both fall in love. Later, Taura finds out that the woman has a problem – everyday she gets younger until she becomes a baby. Taura is completely in love with her, but he doesn’t know what to do to help her. Yes, this book is weird and some parts were completely unnecessary (their sexual relationship is just too much information :p), but in the end, we think it’s a very good book.


a rapariga

In September I read a lot of books, it was a really productive month (yay to productive months!) and I decided to pick one of the books that I read and that is The Girl on the Train. This book was good, not the best book of the month but it does have its own quality. I like the plot, it was very intriguing and I couldn’t guess anything, the ending was a complete mystery for me. I think the reason why I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted to was because I only enjoyed 1 single character – I was annoyed with all the others! Also, I found that it was really similar to Gone Girl, it didn’t felt like a creative and new idea, just a copy of a book that’s better than this one. Overall, it was a 3,5 star book and I recommend to read it and to understand why everyone is reading it right now!



I have read a lot in the past month of vacation (for my college-self, not my high school-self), from Dorothy Perkins to Orwell to Tolkien. I know, I’m quite a diverse girl! But what I decided to share with you this month is García Márquez’s “Love in Times of Cholera”. I’ve always wanted to read this author, since I knew he had won the Nobel in 1982, besides being a poignant journalist and activist. He literally created magical realism within latin-american literature! What I can say is Márquez sure doesn’t disappoint: his writing is very fluid and light to read, although his realism can get quite… Real, and I mean a disgusting kind of real sometimes! Still, the book has a lot of sweet moments in it and tells beautiful and realistic love stories – and some less beautiful or less realistic, or less about love than love making, if you catch my drift 😉 It’s a beautiful and truthful tale of what love can and does mean for different people and the different ways there are to experience and express it. A great book to read and fall in love!

What about you, painters? Have you read any of these books?


Team Yellow


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