Happy Birthday PMY!

Yes, you read it! Today is Paint Me Yellow’s first anniversary and we couldn’t be happier! This year was so productive and so many things happened, it feels like it wasn’t a year at all – more like a decade, really. I don’t mean it as bad thing but as a positive aspect. We have grown so much as a blog and a community. So many contributors appeared and we are now 6 people (and the first week of this blog only had 1 person – me!) and I couldn’t be happier with Team Yellow. We did have some ups and downs and we don’t agree on everything but we do have one thing in common – we want the best for PMY and for you, painters! Thank you so much for being here, for reading and commenting our posts, for your support through this year. 20151002_141904 20151002_14240320151002_14282420151002_142552

We decided to have a brunch to celebrate this day in a cool little vegetarian-ish restaurant, but unfortunately they didn’t serve as much food as we wanted! After being there, we ended up in Mc Donald’s (nope, I’m not joking). Still, it was a pleasant place and we did talk a lot about the blog’s future. One of the things that has come around is to create a Pinterest account, with all the PMY goodies, where you guys can pin everything you want. Also, we’re thinking about changing our home to a new place – probably Squarespace. It would be a huge difference and development!

Luísa & Paulo

We did for this blog as much as it did for us. It was a year of hard work, struggle, dificulties and sometimes we though we wouldn’t make it. But at the same time we couldn’t be happier because, due to this blog and its amazing team, we grew into better people. Today we want to thank you for always being there, Ângela for being the best boss in the world and our fellow team members for being the best people you could possible work with. We hope we can celebrate many many and many more anniversary years always growing and becoming the best blog in the world, step by step.

20151002_141957 20151002_142243 20151002_143108


Painters, my dear painters… We have been on this journey for a year now and all I can say is: what a year! I’ve been very happy here, writing for our beloved PMY makes me feel accomplished and productive; it spikes my creativity and challenges me to do more with my time. Having a space to share all of this and, of course, an amazing team of fellow bloggers, is now a very important part of my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world! What I hope for Paint Me Yellow is for it to grow, to reach more people and to come up with new ways to interact with you guys. I hope there are a few surprises ahead for all of us and that this project can go beyond the crazy ideas that me, Angie and Luís discussed in our first meetings. Don’t bat an eye, painter, you may miss out on some news from us 😉 Always stay awesome and happy anniversary, PMY!


Happy birthday PMY!! You finally hit 1 year old but you are still a child. However, do not worry because the entire team is here to help you grow and we have a lot of cool stuff planned for you! You will become one of the most creative blogs out there with so many different things to say that everyone will want to read something from you and I KNOW they will love it, I’m sure of it. I’m very happy to be a member of the team and to be right next to you since the day you were born, I saw in first hand the dreams of some members of Team Yellow grow and I can’t help feeling that there is so much more to come!

20151002_142055 20151002_142317 20151002_14290820151002_142442


I’m the newest member of Paint Me Yellow, but even if I’ve only been here for 3 months I can say without a doubt that I’m so proud to be a part of this! Because I’ve always enjoyed writing and blogging I was part of other blogs in the past, but nothing was ever as fun and fulfilling as this project. PMY has grown so much in just one year. So I want to say thank you to every member of this team (you’re all amazing) and of course to you guys that follow the blog, read our posts and leave likes and comments! Cheers to more great years like this one!


Team Yellow


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