5 Minute Manicure

TGIF Painters! I’m really feeling this weekend – classes have started 3 weeks ago and I’m still getting used to it. Holidays weren’t as productive as I thought they would be; well, when I say not that productive I mean I didn’t learnt how to weave or how to make milkshakes. Either way, I’m trying to make up for that by being a super woman, pretty much. From making 100 posts per hour to reading 7 books in a month (and I wish I had read more…), I thought it was time to promise something to myself and that is painting my nails more often. I hate my nails’ shape and my hands themselves, I feel like they are so small and not elegant at all. When I paint my nails, I instantly feel more confident and I wish I felt like that more often. I really need to beat procrastination.

For this manicure, you’ll only need a base coat to protect your nails, a main colour to cover them up and some playful and vibrant nail polishes to spice it up! No secrets at all, just thought it would be a good idea to share some inspiration and to spread the love. Hey, you never go wrong with polkadots 😉

Who else loves quick and easy nail art?

Have a great weekend!



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