Portugal’s quality seal #2

Hey, painters!

How are you doing? We are great and feelin’ great because, once again and as promised, today’s subject is still PRODUCTS WITH THE PORTUGUESE SEAL.

As you could see from saturday’s brands, Portugal is synonym of high quality, design, creativity and uniqueness and our shoes are also synecdoche of the higher standards of -ness: gorgeousness, amazingness and fantasticness (does this word even exist?!?).

Btw, our strongest and best known material is leather! We are 5 star leather workers and our leather pieces are outstanding and stunning. But, you know what they say, a picture speaks better than words, so see for yourself and take a look at our national treasures: our brands.

  • Eureka: Founded in 1986, Eureka is one of the biggest brands in our country and a reference of high quality for both men and women.


  • Sanjo: Although this brand was created decades ago, it is now reinvented with new shoe colors and models.


  • Luís Onofre: Combining “innovation and technology”, every single shoe is unique and high quality. Luís Onofre’s shoes were already used by celebrities like Penélope Cruz, Naomi Watts and Michelle Obama.


  • Clay’s Shoes: This brand is known for its elegant, versatile, practical shoes that honour portuguese women. They can be used in every situation for daily life.


  • Josefinas: Created by a former ballet dancer, Josefinas only sells ballerinas. Their goal is to create shoes with personality and to show the amazing work of portuguese craftsmen.


  • Lemon Jelly: The brand says that these shoes taste like “gums, candies and lollipops”, so it has the perfect name to describe it. It is a funny brand which pays attention to materials and details.


  • D’Ornellas Boots: Produced in Portugal by the hands of the best craftsmen, this brand is all about boots. It has an unique design and the boots can be used in your daily life.


  • Fly London: Although it was created in the United Kingdom, Fly London is entirely portuguese. It’s goal is to “create original fashion products using traditional techniques in an unexpected way”.


  • Green Boots: This brand was founded in 1955 and it was made to last an entire life. Its quality and durability makes it one of the best brands in Portugal.


This is it for today, dear painty painters. We hope you liked it because we wanted to pass to you our belief that shoes make a simple and “the same as always” look completely different, unique and unexpected.
And you also got to know us a bit better, because knowing our country is the same as knowing our heart and soul, our roots.

You won’t be seing us on saturday because we won’t be posting. By this time you are crying, but there’s no need for that because we – TEAM YELLOW – are preparing something so special that will leave both you and us speechless! Soooo see you next wednesday and until there be you, be sassy, be accessorizing yourself (with portuguese brands).


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