What’s in my bag? – College edition

Hello guys, today we’re getting personal – it’s time to take a look inside my bag! I’m always curious to see what people have in their purses (am I the only one?! I can’t be!) and since a new semester of university has just begun for me, I thought I’d open mine today and show you what’s in there. So let’s get on with it!


As you can see my current bag is all black, simple and structured (which I prefer rather than slouchy bags). It’s not huge but it’s big enough to fit everything, including my lab coat that I need to take with me on certain days.


First off, some must-haves. I’ve got my wallet – I love it because it resembles the Balenciaga City wallet, except it was fairly cheap since it’s actually from a store called Details. I’ve got tissues (absolutely need to have them because of my allergies/hay fever) and my house keys of course! Among them there’s a stuffed pig (that is quite dirty but I just can’t let it go), a MSC key chain from my high school senior trip (brings back good memories), a Harry Potter key chain and a Lego one, both were a friend’s gift.


College stuff. I have my notebook; this semester I decided once again to use one big notebook for all my classes. It can get a bit messy to have all my classes’ notes in one place, not gonna lie, but honestly it’s the easiest method for me since I like to have everything organized but I’m also quite lazy. I have my pizza pencil case (!!) from H&M and inside it I keep my colored pens (BIC 1.6 mm, love them haha), my new floral pen that writes a bit crap but it’s erasable, my flash drive, etc.


Most of the time there’s some sort of mess at the bottom of my bag, like random paper or receipts. I’m sure – and hope – that at least some of you can relate! This time though is not that random: I have a paper sheet with the list of material I need for classes (still trying to figure out how to get everything without going bankrupt! Help!). I also have some sort of snack, as I’m hungry 24/7, and sunglasses.


Finally, there’s my beauty/random little bag, it’s from Turkey and a present from my grandparents. I don’t have anything that special in there, just some bits that can come in handy. Roller-ball perfume, literally a life saver in so many occasions, hair elastic, a lame but very useful heart-shaped nail file, a tiny Nivea cream sample, hand wipes, 2-in-1 hair brush and mirror, lip balm, gum.

And that’s all for my bag, guys! Missing here is my phone (it’s such an essential that I ended up forgetting about it) and water, other than that, I never carry textbooks or my computer. Also even though I love love love listening to music and spend hours per week in public transportation to and from my university, I never really ever listen to music on the go… just not a habit I guess!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my life and I’ll see you next week!

Marta xx


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