Sofia’s B-day

Happy Sunday, folks! Can you actually believe it’s the end of September? I’m just shocked that time flew so quickly. 2015 is ending really quickly and unfortunately I’m quite glad it is; it has been a hard and intense year, with a lot of ups and downs. I hasn’t been the worst year of my life yet it has been far from the best. I’m ready to start a new period of my life and I can feel that is going to be pretty interesting: after all, this is my last year in college! Well, not my last year in college but in my degree. After this year, I will officially be an expert (not really) in german and english literature and culture. I hadn’t realized how important this step will be until a few days ago.

Moving on, these pics were taken on Sofia’s b-day (say happy birthday to her, it’s her anniversary today!) and I enjoyed taking them with her. She gives her opinion and helps with the best angles for the pics! I just hope she didn’t mind taking these shots. 😉 I wanted to reflect some casual-ish vibe to this quite elegant top, black leather jacket and clutch – the best way was to bring along my New Balance which are one of the best itens I’ve bought this year. I just think they are so versatile, they can pull out an outfit pretty well. I decided it was better to bring this kind of look for the occasion since we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Póvoa de Varzim (where our baby Sofia is from!) yet it wasn’t a classy and expensive place. I just wish I had taken some pics from the place where we had dessert!

DSCN1058 DSCN1062  DSCN1066DSCN1065And that is all for today, painters! I hope you guys have a great sunday and that you rest more than me, since I’ll start studying ;-( Love you all!




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