Portugal’s quality seal

Hey, painters! How are you doing? Ready for the weekend?

As you know, we are a largely proud portuguese people and due to that, we decided, once again, to honor Portugal and what our country has to offer! For the next couple of posts we are going to present you some of the brands with the MADE (proudly) in PORTUGAL seal! Those brands are a sum up because our country – Portugal – is so diverse in products and also, so good, creative, with high quality and uniqueness, that there’s going to be shown to you only a brief list of the top brands and products that are enjoyed both inside borders and abroad!

For organisational matters we are going to divide our products in categories! Each category will be developed in a post. Today’s post will be about PORTUGAL AND ITS FASHION. You may not know but Portugal has a tailoring, sewing and fashion tradition as strong as Italy (Milan), France (Paris), England (London) or even the USA (New York) and that is proved by Lisbon fashion week – a prestigious week dedicated to fashion – and Portugal Fashion, another successful portuguese event dedicated to fashion. These are some (very, very few) of our incredible, amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking fashion brands:

  • À Capucha: simple and versatile, this brand recreates a traditional garment – the Capucha.


  • Daniela Barros: an avant garde and experimental young, fresh and new portuguese designer, whose garments are without any doubt timeless, exclusive, unique and fashion foward! She is the only portuguese designer being at London fashion week.


  • TM Collection: A portuguese brand directed to fashion and home design. They are one of the most creative, original and solid portuguese fashion brands with amazing products. They also dressed the worldwide known superstar Lady Gaga when she went to Portugal for a sold out concert.


  • Storytailors:A fierce, professional, dreamer duo, with whom we identify and see personality and uniqueness. They are the Paulo and Luísa of fashion.


  • Nuno Gama: the God of men’s wear! If you are a man and you want to look, at the same time, sexy, strong, masculine, fashionable and hot this is your brand. Every single piece of its collections is a single piece of art! With several inspirations, the most used theme is the portuguese routes one.


  • Luís Buchinho: The legacy brand, the rock of portuguese fashion. Every single portuguese love and know this designer. It’s etherial, elegant, glamorous, classic and timelisse collections are legendary.


  • Katty Xiomara: The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are inspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful. Ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of colour and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style and with a romantic spirit.


  • Ocean Stitch: In order to “break” what traditionally is sold in men’s and children’s clothing. They are oriented for men and urban children, modern, cosmopolitan, with taste and giving importance to details.They have so bold, current, fun and cool collections, but above all their focus is on the detail, fitting and quality of raw materials (proudly made ​​in Portugal).
  • ocean!Susana Bettencourt – Commitment and creativity are always in fashion for Susana Bettencourt. The designer lived for eight years in London and her collections of lace and knitwear have won fans all over the world, including pop diva Lady Gaga.


  • Teresa Abrunhosa – Young and ambitious, Teresa Abrunhosa is a fashion design label that creates womenswear from a powerful idea of femininity, embodied by sensuous shapes. Handmade using high quality materials and honoring the traditions of craftsmanship, Teresa Abrunhosa’s creations evoke effortless elegance, rebellious attitude and empowering sensuality.


  • Pé de Chumbo – Founded by fashion designer Alexandra Oliveira, Pé de Chumbo develops collections with the same name for multi-brand stores and the store itself in the center Guimarães History. It’s a brand to watch!


It’s all for today painters. We hope you liked our country, our country’s fashion and our country’s artists as much as we do. This post was useful for us to promote what is ours but we also wanted to inform you about A M A Z I N G brands, with A M A Z I N G clothing and we’re not saying these things because they are made in Portugal, but because we truly love them, believe in them and think that they could be the top brands, the best ones in any country, context or for any people.
orry for the extra fashion today, and stay tuned because the next post will bring more portuguese goodies to you. Don’t miss it. Until there, be you, be happy, be fashionable (with portuguese brands).


Paulo & Luísa


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