DIY – A Cardboard Frame

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? 😉 Today I decided to continue my wall art adventure and to share with you how to make a cardboard frame. It’s really simple and it looks very cute and welcoming – it’s a small detail that will create a cozier enviromnent. Shall we start?

I found this simple and elegant painting on a flea market – it was made by a very enthusiastic art student and I knew straight away I had to buy it; I could see it was painted with love.

20150903_190307 20150904_163012 20150906_142348


-A piece of cardboard;


-Glue (the sticky type!);


-Some colours to paint your frame;

-Embossed paper.

How to:

-Measure your piece of art and create some lines on the cardboard, so you can control the size of it and avoid bad cutting experiences!;

-Glue your piece of art to the embossed paper – it will be easier to put everything together and it will be full of patterns;

-Paint your cardboard with your favourite colours and don’t be afraid to go all crazy!;

-Glue the embossed paper and the frame and it’s done! 0% of difficulty.

I hope you guys enjoyed this really small tutorial and soon I’ll bring another post regarding my wall art. 😉



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