Summing Up – What has been happening lately

Disclaimer: This will not be a normal SU but instead I will talk a bit about my life right now, I’m sorry if you do not want to read the rant of some random guy but I promise that next week’s SU will be “normal”.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SU, I have some things that I really need to say. I don’t want to say them to anyone in particular but I really need to let the words flow out of my head.

These past weeks have been exausting both mentally and sentimentally; college just started and I’m already feeling stressed (and I don’t stress that easily either)  even though I have only 5 subjects they all ask a lot of work, time, patience and will to learn; unfortunally I have none of those. And why may you ask? Because things around me are changing too fast, I never had a lot of friends and never felt confortable making new ones and suddenly I am thrown to the middle of a class where everyone but me fits in and unless I want to spend all the time alone then I must really try to be “one of them”.

To make matters worse, some of my real friends stoped talking to me (5 of them stoped these past 3 years although I am to blame because none of us tried to talk with each other since we got into college) and my last remaining 5 never really have time to be together because of our variety of professional situations (3 of them study at night, one of those 3 works during the day and me and the fourth one study during the day and the last one of the group has been developing some sites to companies and is fairly free to do what he wants). Apart from that my best friend has decided that we shouldn’t talk to each other because of a few problems and I don’t even know what is going to happen now…

AND THE LAST problem is my sister; she, her kids and my brother-in-law were spending some time in my house (I live with my parents mind you) and I yelled to one of my niece to stop playing with one of my things because it was expensive. I know that my sister hates that I yell to her kids, I hate to yell to them but it just slipped. I said I was sorry in private to her but guess what happened, her husband right before leaving my house said that I should be more carefull with my things and to not yell ever again to his kids. MY THINGS, IN MY BEDROOM, IN THE LAST SHELF THAT EVEN I CAN’T REACH. That man says a lot of stupid stuff but if he thinks that it was my fault for leaving MY THINGS IN MY BEDROOM then he is delusional. Because of him my parents dcided to join the ”fight” and refuse to talk or let my sister in our house until they appologise (which they won’t…).

I’m sorry for all the drama, I really am but this has ben going on for too long and I guess that my defenses just broke…I  promise that next week we will have a happier post and thank you for being here.


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