Summer Playlists

Hi painters!

It’s official, the summer is indeed over. And away with the summer, the sun, the sunny days, the pool days, the beach days, the meals in the outside and the shorts and the skirts, will also go the summer smells, flavours and sounds.

Today we are going to focus on the summer sounds, which means: we are going to talk about music. It’s time to bury our summer playlists and start making our Fall ones, but, before, we are going to make the ultimate SUMMER PLAYLIST.

This is our #summer2015 soundtrack, the music, the songs and the beats that cheer up our summer and made it unique and different from past hot seasons. We divide those following songs in 3 categories: Paulo’s playlist, Luísa’s playlist and Duo’s playlist (the songs of both of us summer):

  • Paulo’s playlist
  • Luísa’s playlist
  • Duo’s playlist

So guys, these are the songs that made us happier and painted our summer (not yellow) but with every single colour and texture. They painted our summer with love, friendship and, most important, good things. These songs put a smile on our face, made us dance, cry, but always making us react to them during those past months.

Do you like this music? Do you love these songs? Let us know by adding a comment below. Let us know what is your summer tracklist/ summer’s soundtrack.

See U on saturday but until there, be you, be sassy, be ready for Fall.

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