Notes of the Week #6

  • Classes are starting anytime soon- we better start sleeping at our usual time; no more movie marathons untill 4 AM!
  • Changing my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn was more fun that I wanted to admit. Although I enjoyed the beach and my tanned skin, I’m ready to start using boots and long sleeve shirts.
  • Starting to understand your skin and its needs might be one of the best sensations in life when it comes to beauty, really – it’s such an important part of our body.
  • I wish I could be more consistent when it comes to reading – I may spend a whole month reading a single book or dream at night with months filled with 10 books to read. It’s so hard to control!
  • Going to the gym will be so important for my health and confidence, although I need to control my eating habits.
  • I love PMY so much yet I’ve been going through a creative crisis… Need to fix that and to find my inner motivation!
  • I want to study and work in Germany so hard, it’s my dream country.

And that is all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed it, have a really nice Sunday and tell me down bellow what  are your current motivations 😉


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