FLUP – The best faculty in the world

Hello, hello painters! How are you today?

Even though the sun is shining and the day seems perfect for summer activities, we are going to bring our Faculty to your saturday: FLUP – Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Today’s post subject is going to be an ode to our college. As you know, this crazy duo study languages, literatures and cultures at Porto‘s Uni. And do to our professional daily life status we’re going to show you why we like FLUP so so so much, why it is the best place to study and why you should take a chance and do Erasmus in Portugal, in Porto, in FLUP.

1) The bar: Guipaul is not just a bar, it’s a place where the employees and the staff are so nice that they became part of the family. It’s also a great place to be with friends, to enjoy your day, to study and to chat. And the food…. Is…. Just…. YUMMMIII!!!


2) The teachers: super supportive and available to help you out and be by your side during all the path. In addition, they are also mega demanding, which yes, it’s good


3) The library: one of the biggest and the best in Porto! It’s an amazing place to study, to do team projects and work and to read any book in any language


4) The people: they are the best! The staff is INCREDIBLE and the friends you do in FLUP are the top friends and the most loyal; the life time friends are the flupian ones


5) The Erasmus project: at FLUP it is one of the bests in the world, with arrangements with a lot of unis. FLUP has about 500 Erasmus students, that’s awesome!

FLUP (1)

Bye bye! It’s all for today, painters, but stay tuned because wednesday we are back to give you more of our world. There are many good things in progress for this month! September will be just fine with many of Paulo and Luísa.

See U on wednesday. Until there: be you, be sassy, be in FLUP.

Pictures from: FLUP

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