Changing your Summer Make Up to Autumn

Hey there, Painters! Today is make up day and yes, this is a perfect day for me (please don’t get scared, I really like make up)! When I was younger I didn’t take the change of season that seriously – I just thought it didn’t made sense because it could also rain during Summer or have a sunny day on Winter. Yet this year was very important to me in terms of understanding that it’s not about the weather itself but about the feelings that come with it; as sunny as it might be, it doesn’t make sense to use a bikini in December – unless you’re in Australia or Brazil! It’s something that I learnt and that applies to make up too. I’ve been collecting some make up pieces that will be important for this Winter and decided to leave here some changes you might need to do!

When it comes to nail polish, there are some colours that really don’t seem accurate and will make your hands feel a little bit displaced. What you’ll have to look for are basically darker colours than the ones that you use during Summer. You used yellow? Try to use burnt orange. Pastel pink? Use a neutral pink, similiar to white. There are always colours that never go wrong and those are grey, brown, oxblood and huntergreen. These year, holographic nails are also very trendy (and bless it because I really enjoy those polishes!).

The same idea must be applied to lipsticks! Your raspberry pinks will be nicely exchanged by burgundy-ish colours; nudes are always a great pick. You can also bet on some darker colours, like orchid or lilac – it will light up your day if you’re in a cold and close to Winter day! In terms of foundation, mine is still quite dark since I’m tanned but later on we will all have to change our foundation to lighter colours – the same for bronzers. No one enjoys shimmer and deep orange bronzers during November!

Finally, our haaair! Your beachy waves will have to stop and get more structured – it’s a good change, to cut all split ends, to dye your hair in more darker tones like chocolat brown or deep blonde… I really like these small changes. Also, start using your eyeliner again and get it big!

What do you painters think about these changes? Is anyone excited with the start of Autumn? đŸ˜‰




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