Summing Up – All the news in 3 lines or so #4

Hello painters and welcome to another SU! Today we will explore some of the current events in our big, wide and amazing world. Let’s begin.

As soon as I read this news article I knew that I had to post this (just read it this past Wednesday so it is very fresh!): a Muslim teenager boy called Ahmed Mohamed from Irving, Texas, was arrested in his own school after showing a homemade clock to a teacher. The clock was created inside a suitcase using only normal circuits that he assembled himself and the teacher thought that it looked like a bomb. After the police arrested him they INTERROGATED him without his parents acknowledgement (for those who don’t know, interrogating a minor without the parent’s presence is illegal) all of these events led to yet another racist situation in the U.S.A that thankfully is being taken care of as fast as possible. The boy’s parents are already starting the fight against the school and even Barack Obama invited Ahmed to the White House!

Another news, this time from Australia: the Australian government will penalize parents that refuse to vaccinate their children; movements against vaccination have been very active and it is very good and inspiring to see governments around the world trying to take steps against such idiotic movements (sorry if I offended any reader but it is true).

Last bit of news for today: the top court of South Korea approved a new law; any adulterer can not ask for a divorce. This was widely disputed inside the top court but in the end it was approved with the reasoning of ”giving more equality to women that are betrayed by their husbands” (which I approve) of course that if a divorce does happen then the wronged party will receive a financial reward.

This was all for today, yes it is not the top news that you see everyday and that is why I chose these ones. Hope you guys enjoyed it and see you next time!



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