Unexpected wednesdays

Hey hey, dear painters!

This is Paulo and Luísa and by now you’re thinking: “WTF?!? It’s wednesday, so why are those two posting today? They are crazy!”. Yes, we are but, this time, we’re not that crazy because, as Ângela told you some posts ago, we’re going to be posting twice a week. We’ll keep the saturday posts but we’re also taking over your wednesdays! STARTING NOW!

For today’s post we’ll be talking about the good things about wednesday:

1) We’re at the middle of the week, which means… two more days ’til the weekend; yeahhh, weekend.

2) … … … …

Okkkk,  we can’t see more advantages regarding this day of the week. we tried, seriously, but we really can’t. We have classes, the weekend is far and that’s why we accepted this challenge – we wanted to add a zing, a wow, a zap, a ahhh, a ahaha, a lol, a okayyyyy, a oh!!!, a yeahhh, a wtf! and many other feelings and reactions to your day!

We want to spice up your day, make it much more interesting and less boring. So we swear that we are going to do our best and try the hardest we can to put a smile on your face every wednesday!

See you on saturday and until there, be you, be sassy, be welcome to Paulo and Luísa’s unexpected wednesdays!


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