Preparing the new year (II): Back to Work Outfits

Hey there, painters – you have been brought to Part II of our conversation about preparing the new year that’s about to start (you know, if you’re in the northern hemisphere and your school calendar is anything like Portugal’s).

Last week, we talked about more general and work-related things, but this week I wanted to focus on something else that is needing some attention: our closets! Seasonal changes and specially the beginning of a new year, are always good excuses to get more organized in this part of your life. Why? Because your style has changed, your body has changed, your appearance demands have changed… And you want to feel more comfortable in your skin, as well as more confident.

So I’m going to give you some tips on how to organize and update those hangers and drawers, as well as give you some ideas for your outfits throughout your first week. Much like last week, I’m also going to share what I bought to give you some inspiration.

Let’s get started?

1) Tips:

  1. Take a day and go through your closet – no, really. It sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off! Make three piles: one to keep, one to toss (and by that, I mean give to someone who can use it, unless it’s super damaged) and one to…
  2. Alter. Let the seamstress or tailor become your new best friend – this is the best way to ensure your clothes will fit you in the best way possible without spending all your life savings. Take those jeans you love and have them adapt it to your post-pregnancy body. Use the lovely patterned fabric from that dress that doesn’t really fit you anymore and create a gorgeous, retro skirt. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Give away things that may still fit, but that you realistically won’t wear anymore. Don’t hang on just because they fit – if it’s taking up closet space, you should want to wear it! Things can go out of style quickly these days and sometimes other people’s taste is better suited for certain items of clothing you just don’t feel confident in anymore.
  4. Figure out what your style really is (and not just what you wish it was!) and shop for it. Sometimes we have an ideal in our heads that just isn’t what we feel truly comfortable in. It’s okay, let go of that and focus on who you are and what you really like. You’ll feel more authentic and confident.
  5. Be a minimalist. Okay, maybe don’t become a full-on minimalist right away, but remembering to keep your material life light and down to the essentials is full of benefits: it’s better for your wallet; it’s easier to keep things clean and organized; it doesn’t take up nearly as much space; it helps you to feel more centered and focused (and you won’t feel like you have a closet full of stuff that you don’t even remember).

2) Outfits

Begin by picking out a few items that make you feel confident, comfortable and professional. Pick things you’ve been looking forward to wearing and make this week a celebration of the new year! I’d say pick about 3-4 tops and 3-4 bottoms, as well as 2-3 shoes and cardigans or jackets. This will create a capsule wardrobe you can mix and match throughout the week without feeling completely lost. Accessories, though, are your creative zone 😉


I decided to start off Monday with a more formal look, achieved with the peplum top and the dark brown trousers. The color palette and details like the butterfly necklace and the flower sandals soften it up, mixing summer with autumn in a cute seasonal transition.


For Tuesday, I still chose formal and sweet, but with a lighter and more modern turn. The white shirt is quite simple and classic, which allows for the jean print to steal away all the attention. The shoes are slipper-shaped, making them perfect for those lightly rainy days!


Let’s face it, Wednesday is that day where you just want to be comfortable! So I went with a bright and soft top and the same bottom as the day before. All you need to put a new twist on the outfit is some bright accessories (I suggest bold earrings) and a change in your hairstyle, to divert attention away from the bottom. Ta-da, who knew floral jeans could be so versatile?


Thursday has business written all over it, and so does this outfit! You’ve seen all the pieces in this before, but I changed it up with a light cardigan and a high bun. You can add a bit of interest with some statement earrings and a beautiful watch.


TGIF and you’re feeling wonderful! This look can go from business to a night out with barely any effort, so you can enjoy your Friday night. The fabric pants are almost literally a breath of fresh air, since they are so light and cozy. You can feel both elegant and comfortable, who knew?

Bonus: Shopping Spree!

So I went a little crazy in H&M… Who wouldn’t, am I right? I just love their aesthetic and a lot of their prices 😉 I bought two beautiful feminine shirts – one long sleeved and one short sleeved -; a long, grey knit cardigan (that was exactly what I was looking for to begin with!); a simple, minimalist necklace; seven pairs of socks (you always need new socks!); and my absolute, forever favorite: a short jersey t-shirt that says “Feminism, the radical notion that women are people”. Couldn’t be more in love with my shopping spree, what about you?

How are your first week looks coming along? Tell us about them in the comments!

Stay awesome,


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